Valve “Not Done with Gordon Freeman”

Speaking to AusGamers, Valve’s Doug Lombardi has reiterated that the esteemed studio are “not done with Gordon Freeman’s adventures.” Fans of Half-Life 2 have been left waiting for the next chapter of the bearded scientist’s struggle against the Combine, with 2007’s Episode II ending bleakly while also setting up The Freeman’s next – and final – challenge. Since then? Nada.


Valve do have a history of dropping bombshells at E3, however. Just recall last year’s Portal 2 media frenzy. Could we see the crowbar reappear on stage in a few months? Anything is possible.

Source: AusGamers



  1. Valve: just release Half-Life 1 & 2 HD already!

    • 1 I can understand, but 2? That was in The Orange Box, so was already in HD…

      • I think he means rerelease them with trophy support. HL2’s graphics are still excellent to this very day. There are some people who remaking HL1 with the source engine for the PC. It is still in progress. But i wouldn’t say no to a HD half life on PS3 as i don’t think laptop can run the original.:(

    • It would be nice if they did that kind of a pack everything on one disc and with trophies

  2. Hardly groundbreaking

    • agreed. so the guy has reiterated something that we already knew…right?!?

      come on TSA stop churning out these stories for site hits.

      • Really? A story which is “something the we already knew” is going to a hit-grabber for the site. Sure.

        To be honest I didn’t even know what was going on with Half-Life but then again I only started playing them a few months ago…

      • Every news item is going to grab a few clicks, especially if it mentions a franchise as famous and expected as Half Life.
        In case you haven’t heard either, Activision is not done with Call of Duty.

    • I’m lost as why news has to be ground-breaking? Am I missing something.

      • You’re right. But one could expect news to be newsworthy. It’s hardly news here.

    • I really shouldn’t but this is starting to get silly.

      A studio has come out, and instead of giving the obligatory “no comment” about the return of a popular franchise, they’ve actually confirmed more Half-Life and asked fans to “hang in there.”

      Shocking? No. Something to talk about on a gaming site? Yes. It’s news. You might not think so, and that’s your right. Others, including myself, disagree.

      (Links provided to show that we are not the only site to run this story. Other sites who report on game news have reported this. Hence, QED, concordantly, it’s news.)

      • TSA have (repeatedly ?) stated in the past that gaming journalism doesn’t really have high standards. So the fact that other websites reported on this doesn’t surprise me, but it shouldn’t constitue proof that this is newsworthy either.
        But, yeah, it’s your right to publish it on your site.

      • I didn’t know, ergo news to me.
        Does that make it better for you?

      • Whether or not this is newsworthy is subjective. One person’s news is another person’s indifference.

        Both VG247 and CVG are respected media outlets for gaming news. I quoted them purely to support the opinion that this is newsworthy.

        If we had posted up something that some people questioned its relevancy and no other mainstream site covered it? That would support the opinion that it was not news. That’s not the case, however. Does it make me 100% right? Of course not. It does add credence to the argument in my opinion.

        I’m okay with people saying this isn’t news. I read a lot of articles on gaming sites I wouldn’t consider news (to me – I’m sure it’s news to someone).

      • This is essentially a teaser. Nothing confirmed, but something to whet gamers appetites. Whilst not groundbreaking, it is interesting nonetheless. To call it hit baiting is pretty ridiculous.

      • Yeah, I was pretty staggered by that accusation as well to be honest – Mainly because this is one of the only sites I know of that doesn’t resort to that sort of tactic (& doesn’t need to).

  3. It will be revealed at E3 and world peace will be here. ALL HAIL GABE NEWELL, SUPREME LEADER OF GAMES!

    … pretty please!! Please announce the next HL chapter at E3.

  4. or announce hl 3 there’s been way to much time in between for fans not to be disgruntled with a single episode.

  5. ZOMG! maybe its him in the OPM french reveal!!!

    • Yeah, i was kinda thinking that too – Trying to picture him a silhouette hasn’t really helped though! :)

    • *gasp* !! Can’t handle the waiting time!

  6. Glad we will see more of Gordon, love the half-life games!!

  7. … am i the only one who found hl bland dull an depressing. I played through hl but i just felt bored throughout in the hopes something good would happen

  8. Yet to buy them!!

  9. Too excited \o/

    • I don’t want to get my hopes up, there has been so much time since I finished Episode 2 that I can barely remember the bleak ending mentioned above.

  10. valve, not getting the point of episodic gaming since 2007. :)

    • Yeah, I’m just hoping for half life 3, not a few hours of episode. That’d be gutting.

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