Capcom Cancels Mega Man Universe

Last September we brought you the news that Capcom had an interesting new Mega Man game in development, titled ‘Mega Man Universe’.


Planned as a PSN/LIVE title the 2.5D platformer focused very much on player-created content. Unfortunately the game is no more.

No reason was given for the cancellation, and a message on Capcom’s site simply mentioned “various circumstances.”

Source: GAF



  1. Shame that, let’s just hope they’ve got something even better in the works!
    Also, longest sub-title thing ever, haha!

  2. I want new Megaman X game. Or continue remakes like the PSP one.

  3. Ah.. why? theres alot of user created stuff on the PS3…. maybe a few on the Xbox. Megaman would’ve been great, unless they’re going to expand the project to a new ip than Megaman?

  4. maybe they realised they couldn’t sell new levels if they let the users create them.
    capcom seems to be all about the dlc lately.

  5. Early april fools joke?

  6. First Megaman doesn’t show in MvC3, and now his new game gets the boot.

  7. Wait! Player Created Content?! + Mega-Man! dude that would have been awesome

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