Euro Console Base: Nintendo On Top

The totals for all consoles currently in use across Europe has been revealed, with a grand total of 114 million units.

The data comes from GameStop and IDG, and is apparently the first ‘clear’ picture of the current state of this-gen machines sold throughout Europe.


Here’s how the figures break down, with the DS and Wii clear leaders, and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 bringing up the bottom of the table.  Interesting to note there’s more PSPs out there than PS3s.

  • 46 million Nintendo DS units
  • 24.9 million Nintendo Wii units
  • 14.8 million Sony PSP units
  • 14.7 million Sony PlayStation 3 units
  • 13.7 million Microsoft Xbox 360 units

The figures are correct as of December 2010.

The report claims that there’s another 40 million or so ‘last’ gen units still floating around.

Thanks, MCV.



  1. Surprising figures. I’d like to see figures for the US.

  2. Better for M$ then the last gen, worse for Sony though.

  3. Given the last figures I saw for the US, this would seem to put Nintendo as the clear favourite, with the gap between PS3 and 360 being so little as to make no difference.

    • latest US sales figures – some difference there

      Wii – 34.2 million units
      Xbox 360 – 25.4 million units
      PS3 – 15.4 million units
      DS – 47.3 million units
      PSP – 19 million units

      • Yup,

        I think the PS3 has a ~5m lead in Japan added to the 1m lead in Europe, but then minus the 10m shortfall in the US meaning its 4m behind overall.

        I think that’s been roughly unchanged for quite some time now (going by the end of year financials from the two companies)

      • Isn’t it a ~2 mill difference? The last official figures were 50 mill Xbox 360’s sold (as of Jan 6th) vs 47.9 mill PS3s (as of 31st Dec).

  4. Is this machines overall sold or machines that are working and in use?
    And how can they no if a console is currently in use?Not everyone has internet on their ps3.

    • it’s going to be consoles sold I would say, do you really think there are 46 million DS’s connected to the internet?

      • But then it can’t be all countrys in EUROPE then. VGchartz can’t be like 9million overtracked on ps3.

    • Think you just answered your own question.

    • my wii and ds aren’t in use for the record

  5. I have all of those consoles and the only one that ever gets used is the ps3…

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