Virtua Tennis 4 Best On PS3

SEGA’s Virtua Tennis series has been a firm favourite of many sports fans, but it appears the PS3 version will be the one to get when it lands next month.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, producer Mie Kumagai has outlined a few of the reasons why in the first of a welcome set of developer insights.


“I’m happy to announce that on the PlayStation 3 VT fans can expect some extra exclusive content not available on other platforms, and today is where we’ll tell you a little bit more about this,” says Kumagai.

“Firstly, the game features legend players for anyone wanting to relive some classic tennis moments. On the PS3, you’ll be able to get your hands on Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg and Pat Rafter, who will be exclusive and playable from the moment you load up the game.”

The PS3 version will also feature two exclusive party games – the first is old fave Pin Crusher, and the second is Move only Net Blitz, which challenges you to build up a score by returning balls into different sized nets. The smaller the net, the more points it will earn you if you hit it.

There’s also going to be a new minigame for PlayStation Home which has a “space invaders” feel about it, and the racket pack that you see above, emphasising the Move controller options.



  1. Does look good but after my YLOD last week, second time :( and no spare money to buy a new ps3, I will be going for the 360 version

    • If you are in UK, contact Sony and they’ll collect it and replace your old machine with their equivalent PS3
      [email protected]

      • Yep and want the pleasure of charging me £134 ….. I think not. Also the fact I lose all my game saves to, quite annoyed at the whole thing, stupid way Sony do hard drives, one thing 360 got right

  2. I’m not big on plastic addons for motion controllers, but those rackets look pretty professional.

  3. lmfao!

    Top Spin 4 all the way.

  4. Might just get this. Though those addons seem quite pointless.

  5. That whole package looks great!

    Im actually interested in them big add-ons things. Will check out reviews when it comes out.

  6. But will it run in 1080p like VT3 ?…. (VT2010 was only 720p and you really could tell the difference on a decent TV).

    • 1080p has been confirmed on the PS Blog. Quality!

      • I can vouch that it really does make a difference!!

  7. Looking good – will get this :-)

  8. Has @Mikeck been pulling some strings at Sega!? :O

  9. Very tempted to get this!

  10. Both tennis games are looking pretty good and honestly I’m tempted by both. Would it be weird to have both?

    • I used to buy fifa and pes, so I don’t see anything wrong with this if your gonna play both.

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