Music Unlimited Heading To The NGP?

It seems that Sony’s cloud based music subscription service, known as Music Unlimited, might be heading to the NGP. Shawn Layden, executive vice president and CEO of Sony Network Entertainment, had the following to say:

“We will make it happen. There are still very few details that have come out in the marketplace about the launch. The folks at Sony Computer Entertainment will have a big reveal of exactly what the scope of that entire feature set is going to be.

But yes, our services need to be available on that device. It’s a very powerful device and it would be an incredibly good platform for us.”

Music Unlimited will also be available on the PSP “in a matter of weeks”. Another interesting announcement is the fact the service will be coming to Android devices sometime this year. So far Music Unlimited has six million songs to choose from, with a basic subscription costing £3.99 a month and a premium subscription costing £9.99 a month.

Source: Eurogamer




  1. Has anyone actually tried this?

    • Not me – perhaps if it had been connected to the PSN wallet instead of requiring a credit card i would have trialled it .
      Anyway, is the only music service i need, plays all my favourites and introduces me to great stuff i haven’t heard before.

    • I subscribe to it yeah, it’s quite good. Not sure how long i’ll keep up the sub for though

    • My bro-in-law is running the trial currently and I’m actually quite impressed with it. Music quality is good, pre-selected playlists work well and the ability to search out songs/artists/albums and add them to your library is very useful. It also has a really slick and nice looking interface that is actually quite intuitive to use (even with the remote).

      If you listen to a lot of music at home then it’s a decent solution. I’m very tempted to get it myself as I’m the type to listen to lot’s of different types of music and whatever is current, the only problem is the £3.99 service is severly gimped by the fact the song search and custom playlists are disabled. But then I think £9.99 is only like buying an album a month…

      An Android app may be the thing to swing it for me though…

  2. I liked the service during the free trial. But I listen to most of my music on journeys so it is not very useful for me.

  3. This is awesome :-)

  4. What are the genres like?…. WOuld rather try it if I could use the PSN wallet

  5. As mentioned already, would like to see it linked to my PSN wallet then I may give it a go.

  6. Was actually considering using it, but after the trial I was left underwhelmed, the tracks are not bad quality but you can tell that they’re not 320kbps mp3’s….
    Plus I thought the price was more than steep, its what put the last nail in the coffin for me as I don’t spend the value of the monthly subscription on music in a month!

  7. to be fair, if you could sync up with the server but have to connect to renew DRM on the £9.99 subscription i would probably say this would be the best music service and they could have £120 off me per year.

    but because you have to be online, and have no way of taking this stuff mobile, i find it a little bit steeply priced.

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