Persona 3 Portable Gets EU Release Date

Good news for RPG fans as (after what seems like an age) Persona 3 Portable is heading to Europe on April 29th. Created by Atlus and published by Ghostlight, the game will ship as a Collector’s Edition which includes a 48-page hardback art book, an A3 poster, a slipcase and other a few other bits and bobs.


A PlayStation Network version should also be available.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Great game no doubt, shame it’s price will get bloated by all the extra tat.

  2. Good my friend should be pleased

  3. This is an awesome game and works really well for the PSP. We could do with more of these please Atlus!

  4. Nice to see the best PSP game coming to the EU.

  5. This is incredibly good news! Was so close to importing it – glad I didn’t. :D

  6. i’ve heard good things about the series, but never actually played any of the games.

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