Anonymous Bring Down Sony, PSN

Looks like earlier claims from collective Anonymous have come to fruition – several major Sony sites are currently down (looks like a DDoS attack) and the PSN has been, well, intermittent recently. and look like the worse hit, but other sites are apparently targeted.


Sony’s statement regarding the PSN – that it’s “currently undergoing sporadic maintenance” and “access to the PSN may be interrupted throughout the day” seems a little disingenuous, but we’ll wait and see what happens.

Thanks, PlayStation Lifestyle.



  1. Oh so it was these arses that made me unable to sign into PSN and take down the EU/UK site?
    Thanks a lot, lost a whole afternoon of Assassins Creed Brotherhood online >:(
    *Rant over* :-P

    • yeah, they’re following the timezones around the world to have maximum impact as near to peak time as they can, after all it’s no good (for them) taking websites out at 4am somewhere when I’m the only person online

  2. If Geohot would have any balls, he’d call out Anonymous to stop. If he’d do that than in my eyes he would raise from “major prick” status to the “not a bad guy, but still a prick”.

    and I’m talking about his hacking of the PS3, I’m talking about his personality, because currently I only see an arrogant douche.

    • I’m definitely with you on that one :)

      I would guess that he is too immature to think like that though.

  3. I reckon we should set up a hero organisation.

    Behold! Public, the internet hacker-protection group.

  4. ****ing idiots need to get a life.

    • Yeah i seriously don’t get the hackers. Don’t they have a life?

      • Usually they don’t ;)

      • Yeah, let’s all discuss how they all have no life.


      • there immature kids in adults body’s.

      • Adult bodies? Whats the betting half of them haven’t gone through puberty yet.

  5. See. That little prick has stopped me playing my beloved warhawk. I’m going to shit on the little fuckers face.

    • And stopped me from platinuming KZ3, what a bunch of weasel badgers.

    • easily the best reaction i have read to this so far lol

    • That got a chuckle out of me :) I hope you get the chance to follow through on that ambition.

  6. I probably wouldve become a hacker if I too was bullied at school……

    • Me too, I’ll have my revenge by hackinz the education networks for limiting freedom on the internets heh-heh

      • total freedom on the internet, i dont think so, in this day & age of con-artists, pedos, terrorists, extremists, hackers & their groupies etc etc.

  7. Scary this. And also a bit ridiculous with “Anonymous” acting like they’re this badass secret terrorist-organization and all…
    I say crush their kneecaps Sony!

    • Like we did at school….

    • What What? Yeah let’s advocate the status quo and never have an alternative reaction to the mainstream…good one. I may not agree with all that they say or how they go about saying it but when they attack paypal and the credit card companies for abandoning Wikileaks donations I can respect that.

  8. Is this why the Chime and Moon Diver leaderboards haven’t been working?

  9. Fuck the hackers.

  10. all day ive been waiting to play crysis online and i finally get the time to play and its been brought down ? typical -.-

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