Anonymous Bring Down Sony, PSN

Looks like earlier claims from collective Anonymous have come to fruition – several major Sony sites are currently down (looks like a DDoS attack) and the PSN has been, well, intermittent recently. and look like the worse hit, but other sites are apparently targeted.


Sony’s statement regarding the PSN – that it’s “currently undergoing sporadic maintenance” and “access to the PSN may be interrupted throughout the day” seems a little disingenuous, but we’ll wait and see what happens.

Thanks, PlayStation Lifestyle.



  1. Another point. The Japanesse economy really need every bit of help they can get and every Dollar/Pound/Yen to recover but all these petty morans can think about is ‘Poor george’. These people need to get a grip on the real world.

  2. All this action does is make me hope Sony nail GeoHot to the wall by the balls, and the Anonymous crowd as well.

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