Brand New Operation Flashpoint: Red River Screens

We’ve been playing an early version of Operation Flashpoint: Red River this weekend, and we’ll have our thoughts on the game in the next day or two, but in the meantime Codemasters have sent over some brand new screens for the game, which is currently locked for an end of April release date.

It’s a return to the hardcore first person shooter genre that we’ve been missing in light of all the current games, but whatever you do don’t call it a simulator


Stay tuned.



  1. I never tried out a Operation Flashpoint game. I might try this one out.. looks pretty good.

  2. “Nice simulator you have there…” SNAP! OH NO HE DIDN’T!
    I’ve never played any of the Operation Flashpoint games. The screenshots look quite nice. Can’t wait for your thoughts on the game.

  3. Can’t wait, I really wanted a tactical shooter for a while.

  4. After the disappointment that was Dragon Rising, I’ll be relying on reviews for this one. This game looks lovely, DR was pretty ugly and the AI was horrific.

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