Final Fantasy V Coming To PSN

It was inevitable of course, but it’s nice to know for sure: Square Enix have announced that Final Fantasy V will be making it to the PlayStation Network as a PSone Classic.


“The PSOne version of the game has full FMV cutscenes and features old-school Final Fantasy combat using the Active Time Battle system,” writes Jem Alexander on the Square Enix Members blog. “Final Fantasy V will be playable on both your PS3 and PSP. We’ll be announcing the release date closer to the time, but we thought you might like to know that the game is currently being arranged for a release.”

Final Fantasy’s VII through IX are currently available on the Store for £7.99, so expect similar pricing with the latest addition. VI is also presumably on the way sometime soon.

Source: Square Enix



  1. Niiiice. Hope it makes its way to North America too.

  2. Excellent news!

  3. Jem gets around

  4. Yay, this and number 2 are the only ones I’ve yet to play. These are great for filling up your PSP, although the PSP have had some good lovin’ of late.

    • Same here, played them all bar XI and V. Hope it’s good : )

      • Oh, you’re in for a treat with this one!

  5. oh yeah!

  6. Meh, if they sorted the terrible pricing system they have at the moment I would pick these games up in a heartbeat (well, as fast as the PSN servers would allow me…) but I can’t justify spending 7.99 a throw for an 8-16bit game that came out years ago

    • Could prob buy the orginal for cheaper.

      I know i got 8 still at home which never gets played lol

  7. Not for me I’m afraid. Release it as a full game and I’d but it, with hd goodness and trophies. But psone classics look dreadful on a telly so I’ll stay away thanks.

    • I agree with you on that one but, as others have said, they’re great for playing on the PSP.

      • yeah i can never play a ps1 classic on my HD tv but on a psp they look good.

  8. I’ll be picking this up certainly, my favourite FF ever, apart from VIII of course :D

  9. Now, just bring us VI already!

  10. Good times and all but what I really want is VI

    • Same here but I’ll definitely be picking this up.

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