Killzone 3 Steel Rain Map Packs Tomorrow

The previously announced map packs for Killzone 3 will be available tomorrow as part of the weekly PS Store update. ‘Stahl Arms’, a uniquely styled Warzone map, is paired with ‘Junkyard’ a Guerrilla Warfare map packed full of Jetpacks and Exoskeletons.

Those of you with PS+ will be able to download the packs for exactly zero pence and will also be able to look extremely smug. Check out the trailer below.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. just as lend Killzone to a mate, damn it

    • Same, swapped for DS:2 for a while

  2. Looking smug ;)

  3. Oh yes, also with a stupid smug grin ;) also we get it a week before the USA :)

    • please call us Yanks, I love it when you guys do that…

      • I’m not smug even though I have PS+ Mr Yank

  4. It’s cool that PS+ get it free but still think they should fix the bugs first, like map rotation it’s stupid.

    • Have you not read about the major update :|

      • nope stopped playing it because it annoyed me are they fixing it?

  5. This is great news. We get Sonic 2 as well I think. :)

  6. Can you still use dlc if your Plus runs out?

    • I think from what they said at the beginning of PS+ was that all the free stuff only lasted as long as your PS+ subscription.

    • I think they said at the beginging that DLCs woulds still be yours but i think they changed it after a couple of month.

      • being a plussie myself, i am of the understanding that dlc is free to keep. the games offered as free are free as long as ur sub is still active. if it becomes inactive, so does the game. i hae notced that the free minis that i dload do have an expiry timer attached to them.

  7. I’m overjoyed at this.

  8. looking very smug! : D

    Haven’t played online in about a week, can’t wait for these new maps and there free whoop whoop!

  9. Just played this online today and was very rusty lol.
    Maybe this DLC will get me back online and rank up my stats

  10. Good good. Thanks Sony!

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