Killzone Update 1.07 Tomorrow

It has been announced that Killzone 3 update 1.07 will go live tomorrow, bringing with it a long list of tweaks and improvements. The full list is as follows:

Custom Games PHASE ONE for Clans and solo players – Explanation below


  • Bullet Damage and Faster Aim ribbon now unlock correctly
  • Separate turn speeds for ADS on Primary weapons in Multiplayer
  • Increased Accuracy ribbon effectiveness has been lowered
  • Bullet Damage ribbon effectiveness has been lowered
  • The 3rd person revive beam now shows correctly
  • Bilgarsk Boulevard – preventing players getting stuck at spawn location
  • Akmir Snowdrift – fixed a problem where the speaker object can fall beneath a piece of geometry
  • Fixed a crash when joining a Guerrilla Warfare Clan match
  • Blood Gracht – Fix for a hang when the Recon ability was used


  • Fixed a crash while joining a Warzone game
  • Player gets directed to multiplayer lobby when being kicked from game due to inactivity
  • Adjustments to reduce the server load


  • MAWLR Graveyard –Improved collision around one of the Capture and Hold locations
  • Kaznan Jungle – Added a blocker around a tree to prevent player to use tree to jump out of the level
  • Bilgarsk Boulevard – Removed invisible collision of S&D objectives in Guerrilla Warfare
  • Bilgarsk Boulevard – Prevent players from accessing an advantageous position (above the ISA Base) and climb out of the level

Single Player Campaign

  • Scrapyard Shortcut – Mobile Factory – Fixed a hang to a red Debug screen upon the user reaching the Jetpack Troopers


  • Added a “Mute all” button
  • Updated icons and text on the Medals statistics
  • Fixed clipped text for moderator messages
  • The Faster Reload ribbon now updates properly on the Personal statistics page
  • The Increased Accuracy ribbon now updates properly on the Personal statistics page
  • The Bullet Damage ribbon now updates properly on the Personal statistics page
  • Fixes a hang when accepting a squad invite on the final results screen of an online game
  • Fixed the Pause functionality in Botzone on the Class selection screen
  • “Squad menu” is changed to “manage players” in the menu


  • Button configuration improvements – Swapped L1/L2 grenade and aim
  • Melee is now on the circle button
  • Multiplayer – Aim Lock will now time out after one second
  • Camera turn upped while using jetpack. Lowered for mounted weapons
  • Explanation of Custom Games
  • Custom Games will be rolled out in 2 patches. This one (1.07) and a future patch. We don’t know when this will be yet.


Phase One of Custom Games gives players the option to create unranked games with the choice of:

  • Game Mode
  • Map
  • Missions (Warzone only)
  • Mission Time (Warzone only)
  • Invite Squad members
  • Invite Enemy Squad Leader


We still need to spec this out, so this is subject to change, but we are looking to add the options of choosing:

More configuration options for missions in Warzone and Operations

  • Adjustable kill count for Guerrilla Warfare
  • Configurable Unlocks (choose which one you want to play with)
  • Configurable Classes (choose which one you want to play with)
  • Configurable Weapons, Abilities, Skills, Ribbons
  • Friendly Fire On/Off
  • Brutal Melee On/Off



  1. Wao, thats alot of fixes, thats good to see

  2. So can we expect TSA boots to start springing up, i really hope so…I miss them so!!!

    • Here’s hoping!

      • I may even join them this time as i actually have the game this time (i picked the last one up very late) & am yet to play it online! :)

  3. Whoa, once I have completed Mass Effect 2 and Brotherhood I plan to give KZ3 some right pasty online :-)

  4. good to see them fixing things, but to be honest, its not enough. Most want custom games online like KZ2, until they do that I wont play online anymore. The game was completely changed and its broken. Sorry GG, better go back to the drawing board for the next one.

  5. Killzone 3 just keeps giving!

    I bumped quite randomly in to Tuffcub a short while ago in an Operations match. He was getting a battering, ha ha.

  6. I feel quite bad that I still have KZ3 in its cellophane!

  7. Added a “Mute all” button — Fantastic!
    Melee is now on the circle button — Excellent!


  8. Lovely. Although I’m worried all these improvements aren’t going to make me a better player! Not my strongest game :/

  9. Mute all is a God send.

  10. Mute All….YES!!

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