PopCap Announces The Formation of ‘4th & Battery’

PopCap has today announced the formation of 4th & Battery, which is being described as a new experimental label where PopCap’s designers and developers have free reign to create smaller, simpler, and sometimes edgier games without the typical constraints of an established global games publisher.

Their first release will be ‘Unpleasant Horsewhere players take on the role of  “a strikingly unpleasant horse that sports wings and advances through the game by destroying small birds and landing on more pleasant horses from above.”


Landing atop other horses enables the player to force them earthward into a perpetual meat grinder for extra points and special bonuses. The game will be out on iOS devices this month, for the rather generous sum of “for free”.

Source: Press Release



  1. flying unpleasant horses landing on more pleasant horses from above and perpetual meat grinders?

    edgy indeed

  2. Might be my new pick up line: Can I force my strikingly unpleasant horse into your perpetual meat grinder?

    • oooooohhhh… XDD

      This doesn’t seem like anything new, but the idea of a new label sounds great.

  3. ios only? shame as that sounds like fun

  4. They should look at MY horse, my hose is amazing.

    • You have an amazing hose? Well you aren’t shy are you.

  5. Good on Popcap for taking a brave step in this direction. I have oodles of respect for them anyway but will be doubly fascinated to see how things turn out.

  6. Good, all the power/freedom to them!

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