Sonic Generations Uncovered

Remember the old days, when a game was announced in a magazine or on a company website accompanied by all sorts of PR speak?

Thanks to the Internet those days are gone, we now have information sourced from online CVs, slip-ups by devs on social networks and many other things including domain name registrations. It is the latter of these which is responsible for the outing of a possible new Sonic game.

A company which has previously worked with SEGA for domain based services has registered variations of leading us to believe a new entry into the franchise may be on the cards.

Obviously at this early stage its not known what platforms it will be available on, or even if it is a game at all, although Sonic Generations does appear to be a name suitable for a long running series. We’ll find out more in due course I suppose, but until then we’ll keep digging for more info.

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  1. I really don’t care to be honest. That sounds bad, but Sonic 4 being an epic flop just convinced me that the series, as I love it, is long since dead. I’ll just stick with my mega collection.

    • Some things are just best left alone. Sonic sadly hasnt recieved the same level of care as Mario which goes from strength to Strength.

      Sonic is best as a Mega Drive Collection title only :-)

    • It wasn’t all bad. The only things I didn’t like were the jumping mechanics where he stopped mid-air if you didn’t push a direction and the fact that the “invincible music” wasn’t that same as the original.

      • To be honest, after number two Sonic didn’t really feel the same S3 and Sonic and Knuckles felt a lot lower quality than the previous installments. I liked Sonic Adventure somewhat but the 3d control impeded the gameplay and I couldn’t stand the abundance of filler characters. Sonic, Tailes and maybe Knuckles yes but that’s it. In my opinion the last decent Sonic game was Sonic Rush on the DS.

  2. They should Just copy & paste the gameplay from Sonic Adventure 2, like seriously if they’re wanting to make a good Sonic game, why not take some inspiration from Sonic Adventure 2. Sick of the sequels that as followed.

    I pretty much have nothing on Sonic Colours since I’ve never played it but if thats been great then good, the daylight stages of Sonic Unleashed where brilliant.

  3. I liked Sonic 4 and thought it was a return to form. I hope Episode 2 gives us Tails and a 2 player possibility like Sonic 2.

    However another reissue of Sonic 1, 2 and 3, Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic Pinball would be too much. You can get ‘m on the Megadrive Collection.

    • Same here, it felt fresh but had the charm of the original series.
      Difficulty curve for the last boss was insane though!

    • Only problem with that game was the similarity of each level to the MD Sonics, the gameplay was great but the animation was a bit poor. I hope they improve on that

  4. Sounds like a good title if they use the generations to improve on the game. If not Sonic Heroes 2 would be welcome!

    • I would love to see Sonic Heroes 2

  5. The problem is the orginal Sonic was a very basic concept. “Run fast as you can, avoid enemies’. There was very little in the way of puzzles or strategy it was more a memory test. Trying to expand that to satisfy gamers in 2011 is nigh on impossible, which is why you keep on getting all those crap Sonic games.Try and add something new and have to lose the ‘run fast’ bit, and you lose the essence of Sonic.

    Sonic is a one trick pony – a very GOOD one trick pony, but a one trick pony nonetheless.

  6. I’m a huge Sonic fan (of the original 4 games only) but have hated all of his 3D adventures and the recent Sonic 4 was just unplayable thanks to the ridiculous homing attack.

    I’m loving the launch of Sonic 1 on PS+ & can’t wait for Sonic2 this month (tomorrow?) but even I unfortunately want no further part in future Sonics – you just can’t recreate what came naturally in the past.

  7. Just give me a Chao Garden simulator in HD and move on. Sonic Team should really focus on the Phantasy Star (Online) franchise for a change. There is so much potential there. I hope they don’t mess up PSO2.

  8. interesting, still love the hedge

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