Trailer: ‘Fantastic Pets’

In a few week’s time, lucky Xbox 360 owners can get their paws on ‘Fantastic Pets’ which uses augmented reality to give you – yes, you – your very own virtual pet.

You can teach them tricks (a bit like Eyepet), stroke them (a bit like Eyepet), play games (a bit like Eyepet) and even given them a refreshing shower whilst they stand on a circular pedestal (a lot like Eyepet).


Whilst the Sony furball simulator had a single design of pet, ‘Fantastic Pets’ has a multitude of virtual beasties. You can now own a flying unicorn, a robot cat or a spotted husky pup. How about a six legged lizard with the face of Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas? All of these are possible in Fantastic Pets!

Note: Fergie and her lovely lady lumps have yet to be confirmed.

Source: YouTube



  1. Oh well…not every game can be original these days. Blatant, but still.

  2. Will probably sell great as it has unicorns in it……

  3. All I kept thinking was this looks a lot like that Kinnectimals game that looked a lot like that Eyepet game. Except it does look better than both of them really.

    Also, I like the new THQ logo. Snazzy.

  4. Fantastic, just what we need, a second video game crash wouldn’t be surprised it th these games set it off

  5. Very familiar indeed, but you gotta give’em what they want

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