Voice Controlled Shooter Heads To Xbox 360

Sorry for the rather generic sounding headline, but the title of the game in question is so long it actually broke WordPress. This is the news that shooter ‘PewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPew’ is hitting Xbox LIVE Indie Games this week for 240 MSP.

Apart from having the best name ever, this side-scrolling shoot ’em up is controlled entirely by your voice via a mic. Saying “pew!” will make the protagonist fire a projectile, whilst shouting will unleash a bomb.


Check out the video below.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. i wonder what kevin butler would make of it.

  2. This is what an entire generation of gamers has been waiting for! The revolution! Hands free gaming!


  3. So now we have Microsoft Sonic as Well as Microsoft Kinect? Really branching out into those energy controls eh MS?

  4. Why do they need mics? Kinect does voice recognition doesn’t it?

  5. Extra firepower?


    [Commander:] Yes, Captain Ziltoid?
    [Ziltoid:] Divert all the power from the main engines to the front guns
    [Commander:] Yes captain Ziltoid, anything else?
    [Ziltoid:] Take ninety percent of the surplus power and divert it toward the sonar awakening voice recoquctian device
    [Commander:] Aye aye captain.
    [Ziltoid:] We must summon the 6th dimensional planet smasher, I feel like a bit of fun…Summon the starship.


  6. …anyone play Lifeline on PS2?
    Hopefully this’ll be less ulcer inducing for you XBox people.

  7. I felt like a plonker screaming at the TV when I played Odama, but this is a further step up on the plonker scale.

  8. LOL! I like the sense of humour that brought this game about.
    It also looked like a second player was controlling the vertical movement of the ship by blowing or making “thrust” noises! :D

  9. Will def try the demo of this. Looks fun!

  10. Surely this should have been posted 5 days ago…

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