Capcom Launches “DD” Teaser Site, The Countdown Is On

Capcom has launched a new teaser site simply called “DD”. The only thing on there at the moment is a countdown clock which is set to end in just under 160 hours time, and the silhouette of what looks to be a dragon in the background.


The bods over at 1UP have also unearthed a Capcom trademark for ‘Dragon’s Dogma’, and if you pair that with the silhouette in the background it seems likely this might be what the site is counting down to.

Source: 1UP



  1. a daredevil game?

  2. DOUBLE DRAGON! Oh no hang on that was Taito.

    • That was my first thought too. The world needs more sideways scrolling beat em ups!

      • Needs more “like a Dragons’s” (aka Yakuza)

      • would love a remake of Aliens vs Predator. 3 player, natch.

  3. Well the only modern Capcom game that features dragons is Monster Hunter so wouldn’t be surprised if it was the rumoured 3DS announcement.

  4. The complete graphic is this:
    What comes up when the timer is done
    So nothing really helpful inside the flash-document

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