NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Heading To PSN/LIVE

EA has confirmed that NBA Jam: On Fire Edition will be heading to Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network in October. The headline feature is the new AI system, apparently borrowed from the Fight Night franchise. This system will learn any patterns in your gameplay and use them against you, which sounds a bit ‘SkyNet’ for my liking!

There will be a new online mode called ‘Jam Arena’, as well as a co-op online campaign called ‘Road Trip’. Road Trip lets you “team up with friends and compete in a series of white-knuckle challenges against the current superstars and timeless legends from each of the 30 NBA Teams”.


EA are also promising more unlockables, and online roster updates.

Source: CVG



  1. Sounds good.

  2. So is this the same as the disc that was released except it has new modes (& isn’t on disc)?

    • I suspect not, I have the disc version and it is simply called “NBA Jam”. This will probably make my version a bit obsolete. SHould’ve been a PSN download in the first place.

  3. About time too! The disc version was horribly over priced for what is effectively an HD makeover with a few bells on. Let’s hope the digital price is more reasonable.

  4. Yay! At last I can play it with friends instead of by myself on the iPhone :D

  5. Would be good if those of us who bought the retail game could boot it up and get this as an update!

  6. How is his sex?

  7. I haven’t played a NBA game since NBA 03, it was ok, but it was never interesting I guess, Aww feck I need to get NHL, thats another that I have said myself to buy for the first time.

    Well hope the price is decent, no Xbox pricing to the PSN, EA or no buy

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