First Prey 2 Screenshot Emerges

We already got a glimpse of a very ‘spec-ops’ rendition of what appeared to be Tommy in Human Head’s upcoming Prey 2. Now it’s time to get a look at some concept art (shiny) and the first in-game screenshot (weird).

Prey 2 continues to look like it’s departing from its predecessor’s specific look and feel. Not that that’s a bad thing. We like different, and if the concept art image’s scope is suggestive of anything, it’s definitely got a broad quasi-Blade Runner vibe going on. Never a bad thing.

Source: Press release



  1. Ooohhh….shiny!

  2. incredible

  3. Just thinking about the first game and its topsy-turvy moments makes my stomach churn :( lol

  4. Looks cool! A bit Mass Effect 2 ish maybe?

  5. The concept art is nice. The in-game shot not so much.

  6. Looks like the bar in Total Recall…..with Admiral Ackba from Star Wars as the aliens……

    • I thought Total Recall as well

  7. Saw does about 3weeks ago.

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