Virtua Tennis 4 Gets 2 Exclusive PS3 Demos

It has been announced over on the EU PS Blog that the PS3 will be home to two exclusive Virtua Tennis 4 demos. The first demo, due on April 13th, will see you play through 1/3 of a season of World Tour career mode.

“It’s a completely different take on the career mode as the team wanted to put the fun back into the single player experience. Whilst the calendar themed career was fun, we received feedback from our fans that once you’ve finished the first season the subsequent seasons had a very similar feel to them and there was a feeling of repetition. So the new World Tour is much shorter and your career runs over four seasons, each taking place in a different area of the world culminating in a major tournament, firstly in Australia, then France, then England and finally the USA.

There are many different paths you can take to get to this major tournament so no two careers will ever be the same, but along the way you will need to train, play tournaments, but also boost your star rating by signing autographs and attending charity events.”

Another demo, which will launch “as the real tennis season reaches its peak”, will support Move and 3D.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Wow, sounds like some good ideas for career mode in there. Both tennis games for me please.

  2. Move demo for me please :-)

  3. Good to see a developer really trying to address gamers issues. Can’t say I’ve ever gone out to buy a tennis game, but I remember enjoying a demo for one many years ago (PS1 or PS2 era), so I’ll give this one a shot – plus, with the move support, it may hook me in!

  4. Hope the move support works well. Looking forward to trying it. Career sounds like it is going to be great.

  5. Thank God, I traded in the last game because career mode just became a massive slog.
    I’ll probably get this though, I do like my Virtua Tennis games, and with the Move?
    Sign me up!

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