PSP Gets Music Unlimited Next Week

Well we were told to expect in “in a matter of weeks”, and it seems that Sony has delivered as  Music Unlimited Powered By Qriocity will be hitting the PSP on April 14th.

With subscriptions ranging from £3.99 a month to £9.99 a month, you can access music from a whole range of Qriocity powered devices. An Android version is also on the way. A Sony press release read as follows:

“SonyNetwork Entertainment today announced that beginning April 14, PlayStation®Portable (PSP™) owners with PlayStation®Network (PSN) IDs will be able to access “Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity™,” a new, cloud-based, digital music service which lets music lovers listen to millions of songs and easily discover new music from major and independent labels from around theworld*.

PSP owners can also enjoy a common and synchronized music experience on their PlayStation® 3 computer entertainment systems as well as PCs and other network-enabled Sony devices without the need to manage or transfer music files”

Source: Engadget


  1. I think Sony has the pricing for this wrong since Spotify is free or ad-supported. Still, options are good!

    • Yeah but you can only get the free version on a computer. You have to pay the pricey sum of £9.99 a month to have the privilege of using it on a mobile device. I think Sony’s pricing is pretty competitive.

    • I agree, compared to the Spotify subscription pricing I think this is a rather competitive offering from Sony.

  2. I’m confused… I’m *SURE* I’ve already seen this icon on my PSP. Never clicked it though ;)

  3. Ah – clicked through to the press release which says “Music Unlimited debuted in the U.K. and Ireland in December 2010”

    Old news for us, then ;)

    • Well it has been available to the PS3 since December but not for the PSP though the icon has been their for sometime now.

      • Fair enough. Told you I never tried clicking it ;)

  4. Does this come to Norway aswell? Both on psp and ps3, that whould been nice ^^

  5. guess this is just for the UK people?

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