‘Unpleasant Horse’ Rejected By Apple

We brought you the news earlier this week that PopCap had created a spin off studio to focus on a more mature audience. Well their first game, Unpleasant Horse, has been rejected by Apple for “mature content”…which was kind of the point of the game, right?

A tweet from the 4th and Battery Twitter account read as follows:


“”WTF? Apple rejected Unpleasant Horse cuz of “mature content? We thought horses dying in meat grinders was wholesome family entertainment!

We’re appealing, though (with a higher rating) and we’ll hopefully have good news for y’all soon!”

Meanwhile, check out the game’s trailer below.

Source: Pocket Gamer



  1. Maybe they should’ve made it an Android app instead, might have been approved for that and it would’ve meant I could have a go! Stop making iPhone apps everyone and get aboard Android, even if only for me, I have a serious mental block towards each and every Apple product.

    • My thoughts, almost exactly. =)

    • With you on that. However I still get the chance to play iOS games because I got an iPhone 4 from work.
      I’d rather play games on my HTC Desire and the missus keeps asking me when she can play Cut the Rope on her phone…
      I wish more devs would embrace the Android Market. If we are to believe statistics Android will be on 40-50% of all phones by 2015 while iOS will shrink to 15%. Talk about potential customers you are missing out on if you don’t develop for Android.

      • Though the Android statistics will probably come true, the different hardwares will cause the software to be different to accommodate so it’ll be a lot harder to write universal apps. Though i guess they can keep churning out quality sound board apps woo!

  2. First nuTSAck gets told to get lost by Apple now this. They seem to think that famlies and children only own the Iphone nowadays. If they let GTA on then they should let Unpleasant horse on. I think the devs of Unplesant horse will go to MS if they can’t get it published on Apple’s store.

  3. they approved the gay cure app, but not this? o_O

  4. They probably offered the game with a all-ages rating, instead of pg or whatchemecallit in your countries. that’s just kind of stupid. and if it’s not stupid, it’s naieve.

    • Exactly this. Seriously, if it’s got mature content in it, then they should have labelled it as such.

      The real problem here is that Apple is in charge of judging what’s mature and what isn’t. That’d be like GAME putting age rating stickers on games based on how they see it, rather than the ESRB. However, in this instance, it’s more Apple being proactive and getting on with stuff whilst it’ll take a few years for the government to catch up.

      Where Apple fell down is that rather than simply amending the rating and putting it on the store, they auto-rejected it.

  5. Unpleasant apple rejected by horse?

    • Horse apple rejected as unpleasant?

      (German “Pferdeapfel” = Horsesh*t / directly translated to Horse apple)

  6. Yes. Let’s all hate on apple for making a product I may choose to not buy. Let’s hate on them for not wanting a game to appear on their store. I’m currently standing outside telco protesting for not stocking any dildos. Hate hate hate! ! !
    On another note, I look forward to getting this game once the mature rating has been sorted. If I get any spare time in-between my hating :-)

    • Let’s all hate on the “haters” who simply prefer the products of other companies? Do people who have a different opinion on how Apple handles things automatically become haters? I must have posted in the wrong comment section. For a second I thought I was on engadget. ;)

    • i can’t speak for anybody else, but i hate apple for becoming the very thing they used to be against years ago.
      who remembers when apple were the little guy fighting against the monopolistic practices of microsoft, now they have monopolistic practices all of their own.

      and then there’s bullcrap like the gay cure app they approved.

      if that’s what you call a hater, then i’m proud to be a hater.

      • Actually they were fighting IBM. And it’s bad that they overcame? It’s bad that they succeeded? i’m confused.. they still think different

  7. Yeah, that’s the only thing I don’t like about Apple so far, is that they’re a little too strict when it comes to mature content.

  8. Sounds like a submission error… Pretty confident this will be on the store very soon:-)

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