New Mortal Kombat ‘Shang Tsung’ Trailer

The latest in the line of Mortal Kombat trailers has been released, this time focusing on Kombat veteran Shang Tsung.

Originally having limited magical abilities, he made a deal with Shao Khan to enhance his abilities.


Don’t make him mad, or he won’t rip your head off, he’ll just make you do it to yourself. Krazy.

We’ve played Mortal Kombat and we quite like it.

Source: YouTube



  1. Is that the US or EU collector’s edition?
    Because I want it!

    • That’s the US version of the Kollector’s Edition.

      • Oh well…
        I’ll get the EU version then, I don’t think it’s too different, but I can’t remember exactly what’s in it. I do remember wanting it when I read about it though.
        Thanks for answering!

  2. FYI: I liked Mortal Kombat on the SNES, Gamegear and Amiga!

  3. Loving the look of this.

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