Xbox Magazine Cover Says ‘Halo’ For 2011 – Kinda

Xbox World 360, one of Future Publishing’s ‘unofficial’ Xbox 360 magazines, is running with one heck of a cover story: “Exclusive: It’s real, it’s happening, this year. It’s Halo vs Gears of War 3.”

So that’s a new Halo and Gears of War 3 locked for 2011? Yep, apparently so. “The Ultimate 2011 showdown leads 32 pages of stuning shooters” claims the mag on its outer seal.


But back to Halo. Quite an exclusive, huh? There’s been rumours of a Halo remake for ages, but what do Xbox World 360 know that we don’t that formed this particular cover?

Well, perhaps (we’ve not bought the mag, yet) it’s this over on fellow Future outlet CVG. “Recent rumours have suggested a Halo HD remake using the Reach engine,” says the article, which is cited as being from Xbox World 360, “which would make sense for a couple of reasons: one, it would be low cost and low risk, allowing 343 to bond quickly and efficiently with a cautious Halo community still mourning Bungie; and two, it would tie in with Combat Evolved’s ten-year anniversary.”

There’s more at the site (and presumably in the mag) but to us at least, this doesn’t seem like quite the confirmation the front cover would suggest, although we’re happy to be proved wrong.

Regardless, a Halo remake would be utterly fabulous – and we’re fairly sure something’s lined up for E3 – but if anyone’s got the magazine let us know what it says inside, would you?  We’d be delighted to read more.

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  1. I don’t even have a 360 and I want a Halo remake! Microsoft really need to pull it out of the bag at E3. It’s shaping up to be a poor year for them.

  2. There have been many clues of a remake … including the recent Halo armour for the avatar marketplace. Original Halo logo and ‘The covenant are coming’ … *hint hint*

  3. Why dOnt you guys just buy the mag?? I Want to know now :(

  4. Well, it will definitley be on my ‘to get’ list if I choose to buy this over the NGP by the end of the year. GoW3 as well, that will be a couple of nice starter games :D

  5. Why would you buy a remake over: Battlefield 3,Skyrim,Uncharted 3,MASS effect 3,Batman Arkham Asylum and pretty sure someone more games at E3.(If the remake now releases in November). Ofcourse it will sell some millions but not as much as the other Halos.

    • And NGP. A remake of games you alrdeady played(with some better graphics) over NGP?

      • It will probably also have Halo beta in it too so that will be a huge selling point.

        Also will their be a edit button soon?

    • I still think Halo: CE is the best shooter I have ever played. Although I am taken any news regarding an FPS Halo without Bungie very cautiously.

  6. Shooters?., a grim future beckons, now what about the potential stunning of gamers due to the obvious announcement of Borderlands 2.

  7. If it’s not broken, don’t fucking fix it…

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