White Knight Chronicles Ships Over 1 Million Units

Sony Computer Entertainment have today announced via Twitter that their action RPG series, White Knight Chronicles, has reached one million units shipped worldwide. That statistic counts for all existing games in the series including White Knight Chronicles/Ex Edition/International Edition (the EU/US port,) White Knight Chronicles 2, and White Knight Chronicles Origins for the PSP, an impressive milestone considering the last two games on the list have yet to launch in western territories.

White Knight Chronicles: International Edition received mixed reviews upon launch last February, critics flagging up issues with the localisation as well as the game’s cumbersome pace and slightly repetitive gameplay. However, it did strike up an impressive following, even in Europe and the US, Sony planning on releasing the sequel in both region sometime in the future, though there has been no word on White Knight Chronicles Origins.

Source: Twitter via Siliconera


  1. Deserves more everyone should try it, can’t wait for the sequel

  2. Bought the 1st but barely played it as I got sidetracked by other titles. Will go back to it eventually though :)

  3. Are they still bundling the 1st game when the 2nd one comes out.

  4. White Knight Chronicles for the PSP was announced in Europe alongside WKC2 for a May release.

  5. I want to play this, but I’m waiting for the second to be released here (in Oz). Seems a bit silly to get it now when the second comes with a copy of the first.

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