New Trailer For Unreal 3 Powered iOS Game ‘Dream:scape’

A new trailer for upcoming iOS game ‘Dream:scape’ has been released, and it certainly doesn’t look bad for a mobile game. Described by the developer as “less a game, per-se, than an interactive experience, controlled by the user,” it sees you play a coma patient exploring a dream world where the “story unfolds as the user explores, unlocking new areas and revealing new chapters in the character’s diary.”

Check out the trailer below.

Source: YouTube



  1. Assuming this is close to the in-game graphics what do we think? Looks close to PSP? Is it better than PSP?

    • Infinity Blade was already way above what PSP can do.

    • I hope you mean the NGP, because if this is what the PSP can do I want my Japanse PSP-1000 back ;)

      ^^what nofi said..

      • Fair enough. It’s a while since I sold my PSP, the rose tinted glasses I decided to keep.

  2. Gives me an Alan Wake and Heavy Rain kinda vibe, just a bit more vibrant.

  3. Are games like this getting extra options on the iPad2? With the added memory and gpu speed increase?

  4. Looks and sounds right up my street, I’ll have to remember this game.

  5. Very interested, still not totally sure abot my iPad as a games platform.

  6. Well this looks very intriguing for an iOS game. I wasn’t expecting something that seems so deep. Looks like it could be a PSN game even. Will keep an eye out.

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