Space Channel 5 Part 2, SEGA Bass Fishing Hitting XBLA & PSN “Late Summer”

Yes we know what you’re thinking: “what’s the point in this, aren’t they already out as part of the Dreamcast Collection?” Well yes, Space Channel 5 Part 2 and SEGA Bass Fishing do make up part of the bundle, but that’s only available on the Xbox 360.

The two games are set to be released individually on LIVE and the PSN “late summer” for about $10 a pop. We reviewed the Dreamcast Collection a while back and weren’t overly keen.

Source: Joystiq



  1. Hmm.. I can’t say anything else other than that.

  2. Bass fishing? I remember having to play the fishing section in Sonic Adventure and feeling like my brain was going to melt from find numbing boredom, but there is a whole game dedicated to it?

  3. Shenmue 1 & 2 HD, Metropolis Street Racer – these are the games I wont SEGA

    • I think we could all do with Rez, Jet Set Radio and Bangai Oh among many others.

  4. So PS3 owners get shafted by not being able to buy the collection on disc. Then we get shafted by having the remaining 2 games off the collection going onto PSN some time after being on live ????

    Great way to treat your PS3 fanbase SEGA.

    • Where does it say they’re coming to “PSN some time after being on live”? I don’t see that above or in the source article.

      • read that part wrong. still sucks that disc release was not on ps3 though.

  5. I’m actually glad that instead of only being able to get SC5 as part of that (inconsistent) collection, I’ll be able to pick it up separately. Much better from my point of view.

    • I agree, Ubisoft are also doing the same thing with their HD collections

    • Depends on how ‘well’ priced they are separately, knowing Sony’s online prices it would be better value to wait a month then buy the entire collection online than get one from PSN!

  6. Never played ‘Space Channel 5 Part 2’ (or part 1) but, I’ve just watched the first level on youtube. Gotta love the Japanese, they create some crazy good games.

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