SSFIV 3D Edition Passes The Million Mark

Capcom has announced that their Nintendo 3DS launch game, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition (mega hyper Falcon punch), has become the first 3DS game to ship past the one million mark.

Our resident devourer of fighting games, Delriach, seemed suitably impressed with this particular version, and Capcom has been the only company to fully utilise the 3DS’ online play.


With a strong line-up for the 3DS, it seems that Capcom has gotten to grips with the machine very well indeed.

Source: Eurogamer 



  1. This is the one that I played in-store before purchase, it really made good use of the 3D, and the fact that it’s Street Fighter, still a million sales is really impressive.

  2. This pleases me.

  3. Its really good, I’m not really surprised with one million sales though heh-heh, Would be really cool if Capcom port Marvel VS Capcom 3 next but they really need to do a neeeew Darkstalkers :D

  4. Well the operative word in the thread is “ship”, as this is not the same as “sold”, meaning that Capcom has shipped 1 million copies of their game to retailers which in fairness is great for the consumers, but I don’t think that there is anything special for this to emerge other than pubicity, call me cynical or whatever but this means very little.

  5. No surprise really – Street Fighter is and always will be the daddy.

    Wouldnt mind seeing a new Turtle Tournament Fighters though, loved that on the Snes!

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