Zelda’s 3DS Debut Dated for US

You know everyone who moaned about Nintendo not offering any of their major franchises up for the 3DS launch? Well, aside from the conveniently forgotten Nintendogs and the perhaps less beloved Pilotwings, they were mostly right. It has been suggested that Nintendo were letting their third party partners have a crack at opening sales before they released the usual big red juggernaut into stores.

Well, now that grace period is drawing to a close with Nintendo of America announcing a release date for what is perhaps the most hotly anticipated 3DS release we know about: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.


The game will be released in North America on June 19th, shortly after E3, and will feature several improvements over the original. Improved visuals and 3D support are a given but the inclusion of The Legend of Zelda: Master Quest, with its tougher dungeons and puzzles, is a welcome one.

Hopefully Nintendo’s European wing can get a similar release date confirmed for us soon.

Update: Nintendo has announced a June 17th date for the UK.

Source: MyNintendoNews



  1. Are you saying that Nintendogs is one of Nintendo’s big franchises?

    • Oh, and I’ll be getting this. Not really into/utterly despise Zelda but it feels necessary.

    • In terms of sales, yes

    • yes, it sells more than most. We just dismiss it because it’s aimed at a different audience but it’s massively popular.

  2. I so truly want Zelda, but I can’t be arsed buying a 3DS yet, which means I’ll be waiting for the updated hardware version that’s is probably two years away, and I don’t want to wait that long, so I’ll be buying the standard one at some point and then be annoyed for not waiting another two months for the updated version… Atleast Zelda will be cheap by then, If I’m still interested in it that is. Stoopid Nintendo releasing games I want on platforms I don’t have. I need a new phone soon, maybe I should buy a cheap phone and use that to justify a 3DS…
    And then I’ll be playing it with nine-year-olds that’s already had a 3DS for a year or two, and I’ll come off all childish… Funny thing is though, all the places I’ve seen 3DS’s on show, it’s been adults playing with them. So perhaps I shouldn’t worry.

  3. To stay on topic: This Zelda remake is looking to be truly glorious and I’m glad the wait wasn’t any longer than June. Now about that plummer…

  4. YAY FOR SAME AS US RELEASE DATE! Maybe with the 3DS they are making an effort to improve release date times between regions :D

  5. If you have a 3DS, this will be essential.
    Words cannot describe how excited I am…
    2. MONTHS.

  6. Am I the only one who thinks they cheaped out on us by rereleasing an old Zelda game? They did the same thing with Mario on the DS. If they rerelease a Zelda game do it with Majora’s Mask or even better, A Link to the Past. ;)

    • How can you call re-releasing the best game ever made ‘cheap’? :p

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