L.A. Noire To Get PS3 Exclusive Mission?

According to a report on Destructoid, the PlayStation 3 version of Rockstar’s L.A. Noire will be getting an exclusive mission, or ‘case’.


The mission is titled ‘The Consul’s Car Traffic Case’ and whilst we await full details from Rockstar, both Amazon and Gamestop now feature the words ‘exclusive content’ and ‘only on PS3’ on the PS3 box arts – backed up by the Rockstar Network mentioning the same mission title.

“More details on that are coming soon,” say Rockstar.

Want to know what L.A. Noire’s like? Read our details hands on right here.



  1. good news for PS3 gamers

  2. Exclusive as in ‘exclusive’, or exclusive as in ‘you can have it for a month or two before we release it on the XBL marketplace for a fraction of the price’ ??? ;)

    • It’s a pre-order bonus… it doesn’t cost anything so I doubt MS will be able to sell it for a fraction of free. :)

      • It isn’t a pre order bonus.
        I do think it will stay exclusive just like the Walton’s Gang hideout and Outfit on RDR for PS3.

  3. Mmmm Maybe the PS3 version has inferior graphics, so they’re giving us something so we won’t make too much noise? I don’t know. Let’s see.

    • Lol this is exactly what i thought when i saw this.
      Hopefully third time lucky with the ps3 version as playing Rdr recently on the 360 after completing it on the ps3 was like someone turning the lights on.
      Fingers crossed.

      • I heard somewhere that the PS3 was the Lead Platform for this game as it was an exclusive a long time ago.

      • No i think thats Agent but i’m a glass half empty guy and the people here who have played the ps3 build say it’s good and they do tend to be spot on.

      • Oh, ok.
        I hope they are right.

  4. Was in RDR so it can be fully true.

  5. sweet roll on the 20th May.

  6. Boom! Rockstar stays faithful to the base (for once).

  7. GameStop also has a pre-order bonus for it’s Power Card holders where if you pre-order before May 1st you get an “exclusive piano gun”… which from the picture looks like a drum magazine Thompson.

  8. Oh thats good news for me, but thats not very nice for those Xbox players, hopefully it will atleast come on the XBL market.

  9. /Thumbs up for RockStar.

  10. I’m pre ordering from Game. Will it have the content on that as well?

    • I do think so.(it’s a console exclusive not a Pre-order Bonus)

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