Wii HD On The Way?

The usually reliable folks over at Game Informer have launched a story that everyone has been assuming for a while now. According to the venerable US games magazine, Nintendo could be unveiling the successor to the Wii at E3 or sooner.

They cite multiple sources, without naming any and go on to speculate on the reasoning and specifications of an HD Nintendo console. Of course, Nintendo refuse to comment.


Game Informer is one of few outlets who could publish a story like this with no evidence or proof and still be credible. If it had been any one of many other outlets we might have advised the usual caution that goes along with rumours. There’s no solid information and all “reported” information is nothing that we haven’t all been predicting for two years or more. But from GI, it feels somewhat more believable.

The time is certainly right for Nintendo, with Wii sales in steady decline and the 3DS launch showing their new willingness to work with third party publishers. An HD home console would, as GI point out, be capable of taking many more of the multi-platform titles from third party publishers, increasing sales and chipping away at the perception that Nintendo is only for younger gamers.

Would it be churlish to point out that many of those third party titles don’t actually run at HD resolutions on the PS3 or Xbox 360?



  1. I wonder if they’ll update current versions of games like Galaxy. Seeing that in HD would be wonderful.

      • Yeah, I’ve seen that before, looks beautiful.

    • I would rather play the Wii-Originals on the new console through HD-Emulation. No need for HD-game updates, just make it backwards compatible. If dolphin can up the resolution, so should a new console.
      I dont think that will actually happen, but it would be much nicer than rebuying those games again and again and again…

      • No, it’s not going to happen.

        Would be neat though.

  2. I know the PS3 is expensive but is there any need to write it like this? “PS£” Haha! :-)

    • haha, I do that so often. Bloody shift key >:(

  3. Pachter has been talking about the Wii HD for years… right again!

    • tbf, if you just keep guessing for years you’re bound to get sumat right eventually…

  4. I got my Wii last christmas (and i really regret it) so im hoping the Wii 2 does away with this motion control nonsense and instead goes ahead with some kind of sleek comfortable contloller.
    (then ill gladely rub nintendo with money)

    but hey maybe the Wii2 will get Sony to release the PS4K sony (since the Wii2 is said to best the graphics of both 360 and PS3)

    E3 cant get here soon enough.

    • So Nintendo should do away with the very reason the Wii has become so successful and make a console that is just like everyone elses?

      Quite the business plan, wouldn’t audition for Dragons Den just yet if I were you.

      • From a preferece point of view, yes.
        From a buisness point of vie, no.

        personnaly id rather Nintendo released a GameCube 2 instead of a Wii2

  5. I guess it’s inevitable that Nintendo will be first out with a new console and i look forward to seeing what they come up with. I expect the ‘WiiHD’ will level the field in terms of visual fidelity across multi platform games allowing Nintendo to perhaps steal some of the 360/PS3 core gamers. All’s fair in love and war games . ;)
    I reckon they might refine the motion control/controllers but may also want to keep back-compatibility with current Wii remotes so it’ll be interesting to see which way it goes.
    They might even do something new in the vein of the 3DS … like in-game smells perhaps .. ;-)

    • I can’t see them dropping the motion part or not having Wii compatibility.
      Besides, there wasn’t much wrong with the Wii controllers – Metroid prime 3 was great to control with them.
      Most developers tried to create controls that focussed on the motion part because the graphics were lacking in power, thus they needed a different hook to set it apart from the other versions.
      I agree that a refined Wii-mote with built in plus, and maybe four face buttons (sort of like the game cube – bigger A button) would be more than adequate. Oh and a thumbstick button on the nunchuck.

  6. after wasting money on the first not shore I will be so fast to get the next one it will have to be more core games & look a lot better in the graphics department than my PS3 might fill the gap till PS4.

  7. I’m not sure if I’m ready…let’s take things slowly.
    Seems true to ninty to release a ‘.5’ console, that’s not a bad thing as such, just concerned that the competitors might rush things now. Regardless, I have a strong feeling that announcements wont head our way officially until 2012 E3, at which point Microsoft will most likely do the same and Sony the following year.

  8. brilliant! Cant wait to play another generation of Mario, Peach and other cute games all in stunning HD.

    /sarcasm off.

    apologies, ive really gone off Ninty this gen.

  9. Hmm I have to say I’m intregued, I’m one of the people who really defended the graphical credibility of the Gamecube between my friend, games like REmake, RE0 and MGS remake proved what the little machine was capable of. I got on less with the Wii, but this Wii HD or whatever it will be called, is sounding very promising. I hope it comes in Black.

  10. I was just about to drop a Red Wii too. Waiting game for me now ha.

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