‘Xotic’ Announced For XBLA

A new game by the name of Xotic has been announced exclusively for the Xbox Live Arcade. This game, developed by WXP Games, is yet another first person shooter and sounds a tad bit like Bulletstorm. Using what appears to be a similar arcade scoring system, Xotic isn’t just about killing enemies but rather racking up combos and scoring as many points as you can.

Although WXP Games have most recently been developing for the Nintendo Wii and DS, they’ve also lent their hand to the Greg Hasting’s Paintball series, so they’re no stranger to the FPS genre. No word yet on how much Xotic will set you back but it should be arriving this summer. Check out the first set of screenshots below.

Source: Press Release



  1. i don’t get it, it’s an fps, but it’s not brown.
    i thought there was some kind of law against that.

    • It hasn’t even gone for the back up colour of grey either.

  2. ANOTHER FPS – jeez…

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