Twelve Minutes of Battlefield 3 Gameplay

“Join us as we follow Staff Sgt. Black and his team of U.S. Marines into the bad part of town,” say EA as they unveil their latest video, “as they move to the rooftops to eliminate an enemy sniper in an abandoned hotel.”

This 12 minute collection of in-game footage shows off the “ANT animation technology” as Sgt. Black is tasked with disarming a bomb, leading to first-person melee combat with the bomber and a large-scale firefight in the streets.





  1. Like to see some console and multiplayer footage please Dice!

  2. Looks crap, literally. I played the BFBC2 beta and didn’t buy it because of the way it looked, looks like the same case for this.

    • Oh give me a break.

      • It’s my own opinion so I said what I think of it.

      • Before you state that a game is indeed ‘crap’ maybe try it first before you pass judgement? Just a thought…..

    • By ‘looks’, do you actually mean it’s graphically poor or the game looks crap as in you have no interest in it?

    • Begging for attention eh?

    • I dunno about it looking like the same case because this game looks really good, but I agree with you on the BFBC2 beta. Peoples comments below disagree with you about the visuals, but in my opinion the guns on battlefield BC2 looked poor when compared to cod for example. If you look at the detail of the guns on cod, and the detail on the guns in BFBC2 you can clearly see COD has the better visuals in terms of the guns. But overall they both do a cracking job on the visuals and get the job done nicely.

      Despite me hating the BFBC2 beta in terms of its slow gameplay, I decided to buy it off a friend. My attitute towards games has changed recently as im doing A-levels etc and I rarely play anymore. I wanted to become more of an objective team player, in a slower paced game with a bit more fun and less frustration a.k.a a slower version of COD. I was surprised at how much I liked it. I’ve never been a team player in FPS’s, always going for kills, stealing kills, being as selfish as possible. In BFBC2 I work as a team, helping them out. The other day I couldn’t belive it when a guy lowered their chopper so I could get in it. Also the fact that I can’t see how many kills I have is good because I don’t check the leaderboard every 10 seconds. But I can’t wait for BF3, apparently it has jets which im looking forward to. Reminds me of Battlefield Vietnam I had on PC long ago which was such a good game. But I just hope all the COD hackers don’t make their way to BF3.

      • Oh Shish?! I just realised you said “Looks crap.” Ok that I totally disagree with!

      • BFBC2 looks a million times better than MW2, plus paper guns are never good ;)

        as for the original poster…should’ve gone to (insert opticians name here)

    • Maybe it’s becuase of not being 60 fps?
      Although it would be amazing if BF3 was 60 fps I really wouldn’t show it the door (especially without even trying it) as it makes up for the framerate in many other ways, just watch the video above!

      Frostbite destruction
      Full 720p
      Very good improved animation (apart from the gun when you’re running)
      Lighting is superb although the monochromatic coulour scheme doesn’t show it off
      And finally the new smoke and particle effects, which should be a treat.

      Or there’s call of duty with 60 fps (and it drop sometimes), very low resolution, and no destruction?

  3. Earthquake + Warzone = Bad day

  4. I’m not so struck on the whole blockbuster movie earthquake moment thing. Other than that looks pretty awesome, although I’d like to see some console footage as I wont be buying a several thousand pound PC to play this on…

  5. Probably won’t be my cuppa as it’s a squad game but the character movement animation is strikingly authentic.

    • its not a squad game u control your self and that is it. defo buy i buy battlefield over cod since cod 2 on pc ( cod 2 best cod eva) the fps genre should be battlefields not cods

      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>defining online warfare since 1942<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  6. getting this, looks ace

  7. This looks way ahead of any FPS I have seen. The attention to detail is on a much higher scale from the explosions to the brilliant sound.

    • The Battlefield games have always been excellent for sound.

    • I agree it looks really good but don’t foget that this footage was probably recorded on a PC with 100GHz processor and a terabyte of RAM on a resolution of 3000×2590. Haha but you get the idea. Basically you need a £5000 PC to get the same graphics, although it should still look brilliant.

      • I reckon it’d only take about £300 upgrade on my two year-old £500 PC to get very similar to this video.

      • Yup, only 150% the price of a brand new console to get it similar to this video. That’s cheap, that.

    • Agree about the details, your squad mates even duck to avoid being hit!

  8. Am. So. Getting

  9. I’ve not been in many hand to hand fights, but I don’t think that looked very realistic.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. Game looks really good though apart from that. Although it has just ruined pretty much a whole level of the game.

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