Portal 2 Needs 3.60, Locks Out CFW

We hadn’t noticed because our PS3s are – by default – updated to the latest version of the official PlayStation 3 firmware, but apparently Portal 2 (hands on here) requires firmware version 3.60 to run.

It’s not just an online thing, the game literally doesn’t boot without the PS3 being fully up to date, which has obviously locked out anyone using customised firmware, or still on an earlier system software.


We reported that 3.60 makes the PS3 much more secure when it landed, using a mixture of magic elves and technical gubbins, and it appears that, for now at least, it’s working.

Our review of Portal 2 goes live at 9am on Tuesday.



  1. Really looking forward to the review because I’m not remotely interested in the game, hope your write-up draws a rental at the very least out of me.

    On topic however, this is a good thing and more games should employ this tactic I feel.

    • Not remotely interested in one of the few FPS that really goes out of the “CoD” scheme? Weird.. I’m excited myself for this and I haven’t even played one of those copy-paste FPS. I hope it receives good reviews, as I’d like to buy it in the future..

      • I’m not exactly a CoD fan either but I’m just not feeling the draw from this so I need a little encouragement. :)

      • I think aerobes is intitled to an opinion. Just because you’re looking forward to it, doesn’t mean everyone else has to.

        I’m not particularly looking forward to it, and I’m not (completely) weird ;)
        I am intrigued though..

    • Have you played the original? Portal never interested me either until a friend convinced me to pick up the Orange Box for a few quid and now I can’t wait for Portal 2…

    • Play Portal 1. You will be insane if you regret it. You can probably get it quite cheap from steam, or in the orange box for consoles. Its a great game and this one will only be better.

      • Yeah. OP do this. According to the hints this is better than the first one, and the first one should be possible to get hold of cheap so you can see if this is your “thing”

    • That, sir, is because you can’t have played the first one. If you had you wouldn’t be saying such blasphemous words!

    • Have to agree – I’ve no interest in this either. What’s more, looking at the gameplay videos, for me this should be a £9.99 PSN game, not a full-price title.

  2. Played through Portal again last night in preparation for this, and I can’t wait. Good to know they’re trying to keep the pirates at bay.

  3. If this doesn’t relate to the online, how does someone who has a PS3 that isn’t connected to the Internet get the latest firmware? I’m sure there must be a way but can they play this game without connecting to the Internet?

    • You can download the firmware from the Sony website, I believe. You still need Internet access, but you could go to a friends house or a local library and download it to a USB memory stick.

      • Ah I see, I remember on the old PSP some UMD games would come with the latest firmware installed on them. I thought that was a good ysten and just wondered if they did the same here.

        Does it mean that if (God forbid) someone had no access to the Internet, they just can’t play this game?

      • No, I’d imagine a copy will come on the disc. They’ve done that plenty of times before.

      • Indeed, they have copies of firmware on games. If you don’t have the latest version it will prompt you to install it (as on PSP)

  4. I’m Not significantly interested in the game, but buying anyway just because of the immensely sound and mature manner Valve have gone about portal 2 (steam integration, free PC copy, plus all the great benefits you currently get with steam already).

  5. thats what all game companies should do… not let games run at all unless the lastest firmware is installed.

  6. This is an excellent idea.there are going to a lot of annoyed hackers when they try to run it.:D I wonder, if they will include this with all of there future games?

  7. I’m most definitely for this, but I know Portal 2 has been available on piracy websites for PS3 and Xbox 360 for a few days now, dunno whether they’ve gotten it working anyway.

    I also expect to hear a round of ‘Portal 2 bricked my PS3’ in the same way as we hear it for every single firmware update.

  8. What about the cfw 3.60 spoofs you can now get? I’m sure it’ll work on them.

  9. Hopefully from now on we’ll have fewer compulsory updates which don’t add new features but the hackers may yet find a way around it.

  10. Bought the orange box last week. Nearly finished Portal in an afternoon?! At least I assume there are 19 levels and i’m on 18. It is brilliant though, iI knew within the first minute i’d love it. Just hope the sequel is longer.

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