Uncharted 3 Gets Split Screen Multiplayer, Beta With inFamous 2

Looks like Sony held a press event in the States recently to show off Uncharted 3’s multiplayer portion.  Details are starting to emerge, which include talk of split-screen multiplayer and a reason, if you didn’t have one already, to get very excited about inFamous 2 – apparently the game will come with a beta key for Naughty Dog’s new baby.

Here’s a video interview with Naughty Dog’s Chris Balestra from the event that’s going around:



Some of the information eeking out includes comprehensive player / weapon customisation, split screen multiplayer (with a beta starting in July) and various modes including 3 team deathmatch and an eight player free for all.

There’s also talk of Facebook integration.  “Our goal for Facebook is to really make sure you can interact with your Facebook friends the way you interact with your PSN friends,” said Balestra. “You can talk to them (and) you can invite them to your party. You are going to see icons of people’s faces and their real names. So right away it is going to feel bigger.”

The best clips uploaded via the social network (which is transparent and fully in-game) will appear on “Uncharted TV” which plays in the lower corner of your screen, should you opt-in.

We’ll hopefully hear more about the multiplayer aspects in due course.

Sources: Scrawl, NeoGAF, VGN365.



  1. Well thats bumped inFamous 2 up to a pre-order for me.

  2. Oh God. Not facebook integration. I remember when UC2 had twitter integration and my twitfeed was full of “X completed level Y” and “X received Y trophy”.
    Split screen MP is good though, I hope most MP games come with this as standard in the future.

    • The way I read it, it seems like it’s going to be more like Facebook chat intergrated into the game, rather than ‘trophy unlocked!’ type status updates. Could be interesting, but I won’t use it personally. For me, unless there are a group of people in the room playing with me, gaming is serious alone time :)

      • Yes, there’s that as-well, but I’m sure there will be an option to post update to facebook.

  3. Oh well, wont be on the beta for that then. SOunds good though, especially split screen.

  4. YES Split Screen is BACK!!

    • Thank God for that. I’m glad to see all the big games incorporating it again

      • Only after we complained for years for said feature…

  5. Wow. Just Wow.

    Cannot wait for both games :-D

  6. Hey guys, I’m trying to revise, stop posting awesome articles!

  7. That Facebook thing sounds like a waste of time to me.

  8. Do they mean split screen MP like in Resistance 2 or coop campaign?

    • Not entirely sure on this either. It better be just co-op splitscreen, splitscreen competitive multiplayer’s a bad idea…

      • I wouldn’t mind taking a mate with me online to matchmaking.

      • With the focus of the gameplay revolving around a two person setup it would be a no-brainer to include campaign coop.

  9. Hmm. Hoping there’ll be other ways of getting in the beta, not particularly interested in Infamous 2.

    The new modes sounds interesting, I have my doubts though about FFA. I can’t see it being anything but continuous spawnkilling I’m afraid.
    And Uncharted doesn’t really need weapon-customization, it doesn’t suit the style of the game at all in my opinion, shame ND is giving in to all the request for including it. Hopefully it won’t unbalance the game that much.

    As with you guys, I cannot wait for this to hit the shelves. The singleplayer will undoubtfully be a wicked experience, slighlty worried about the MP though… I’ll comfort myself with the fact that it is Naughty Dog we’re talking about here, they know what they’re doing.

    • Well their might be a beta with PS+.

      • In fact, rumour has it that PS-plussers and Infamous twoers will get the beta on June 28th and the public on July 5th. Sounds good to me.

        The 3-team deathmatch is aslo limited to 2vs2vs2 I hear.
        There’s a sprint-button added, which I’m slightly worried about, will definitely change the pace of the game.
        Though initially sceptical about all the customization, I must admit it looks sweet, seems you can even make your own emblems and stick them around.
        The youtube-feature will be 90 seconds max, so that’s only half-good. Oh and you can kick people off ledges, while hanging on a ledge yourself. Neat.

      • I don’t know about the public, but this confirmed for PS+.

        “In just a couple of months – the Multiplayer Beta for Uncharted 3 begins WORLDWIDE on June 28, 2011, with early access for PlayStation Plus members or by purchasing specially marked copies of Infamous 2.” (From Naughty Dog’s website)

      • “early access”… So it seems non-plussers will aslo get a shot at it, hopefully a week later. Might just still give in and get plus for this…

  10. I hope they still have the photo editor. loved messing around with that

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