inFAMOUS 2′s ‘Mission Designer’ Video Released

The EU PS Blog has released a new video showing off the inFAMOUS 2 Mission Designer, which uses User-Generated Content tools. The video has Sucker Punch Senior Game Designer, Karl Deckard, demonstrating how to remix something fun.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Wow – and also, I want one of those Infamous 2 tess – way cool!

  2. think i’ll pre order this i liked the 1st one buti ain’t bovvered about all the bells and whistles of designing my own missions all i want is an awesomesauce single player campaign with a good story line, good gameplay, graphics and SFX which looks to be the case from what ive seen so far.

    • Same here, I think this play.create.share stuff just doesn’t sound right in a game like this.

  3. Till we explode!!!!! TNT…

  4. Looks like you can do a lot with it, I bet it’s gonna take time to get used to using all the tools though…

  5. Man, I love it. It’s gonna be awesome.
    Off-topic: Does anyone know where (online) can I pre-order the Hero Edition in europe?

    • Hero Edition, humm, gonna seek this out!

      • I’ve been trying to find it for ages! Retailers here sell all new games for 70€ (about 60£) so I won’t even bother searching for it here at local retailers. However, I’ve been looking across a lot of UK websites (,,, amazon, you name it) and I can’t find it (I can, however, find it in american sites, however, I’d like to purchase any DLC there may be, and it’s easier for me to buy UK Dlc than American DLC), even though the original announcement was on the EU PSBlog. Odd

  6. This looks so badass! I think inFamous 2 will have a lot of re-playability because people with great designing skill will definitely create a lot of custom missions, which will be just as good as the main story line I think. Conclusion: can’t wait!!!!

  7. So Infamous 2 has dlc then?

  8. My heart lies behind the single player campaign but that video shows some fascinating elements to enjoy as well – especially if the community build some unique levels themselves.

  9. Woo-hoo! Just checked my mail and found I’ve been sent a code for the Infamous 2 Beta Trial! Off to download it now… :)

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