MDK2 Hits WiiWare On May 9th

This news comes as a bit of a surprise, as although MDK2 was reported to be heading to the Wii there has been no other information for quite a while now.

The game will be released on WiiWare in North America on May 9th for 1000 points, and we would hope that the rest of the world wouldn’t be too far behind.


The game’s premise is bizarre, so rather than me make a hash of trying to explain it, just watch the intro trailer here. Interesting news for those who played the original; the notorious difficulty level has undergone a bit of tweaking.

Source: Nintendo Via Destructoid



  1. OMG! I had this game on my PC about 10 years ago. Proper random but quality

  2. Hilarious game. But indeed just too difficult, the times I tried that huge boss (without success)…

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