‘No More Heroes Red Zone’ Heading To PS3

Remember ‘No More Heroes Paradise’? No? That’s because, despite Japan having it for an age now, the game still hasn’t made its way over here. That hasn’t stopped Konami plugging away though with the announcement of ‘No More Heroes Red Zone’.

The game is essentially Paradise with a twist. Many felt that Paradise was toned down far too much, but Red Zone has a ‘CERO Z rating’, so hopefully that problem will have been solved. PlayStation Move compatibility, five bosses from No More Heroes 2, ten missions that were not included in the Wii version, a Boss battle mode, an online ranking mode, and a “forbidden view” mode are also being included.


So, let’s hope this one actually reaches us, eh?

Source: Andriasang



  1. Ok then, consider this piece of news noted.

  2. They may as well call it No More Heroes: Panties Edition.

  3. Neato, I wonder if we’ll get NMH2 with move support over here at some point too.

  4. I hope it isn’t near Christmas, I’ve been waiting for this for ages

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