Mass Effect Sales Top 7 Million

The Mass Effect series has been revered as one of the great new IP’s of this generation since its inception several years ago. Luckily, it looks like its popularity has turned in to retail success as well. A NeoGAF user that has seen scans of the new PSM3 magazine is reporting that the entire Mass Effect series has topped 7 million units sold. That number might seem small at first but if you think about the fact that it was only available on PC and Xbox 360 up until this year, it starts to look a little more impressive. Especially when you consider that PC sales likely only made up only a small percentage of its overall numbers, and only the second title in the series was made available on the PS3; and it came almost a year late.

The third installment in the Mass Effect franchise launches later this year on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. If you would like to see how it’s coming along, you can check out the latest screens here.

Source: NeoGAFPSM3


  1. Mass Effect 3 is my most anticipated sequel now, really looking forward to it!

  2. So there might be mass effect 4 or something similar then…..?

    • Would not be surprised. Maybe even a spin-off.

    • Id like to think not. It would be good if they did work out a genuinley great way of doing another one, But it would seem like they are just milking it. Afterall, theyve always said that Mass Effect is a trilogy.

    • Mass Effect Infinity would be nice.. :)

  3. I cannot wait for Mass Effect 3 it will be HUGE!

  4. I still haven’t played ME2! So many games I still need to play.

    • Play it. Seriously, I’ve had it less than a week but am kicking myself for not getting it sooner. It’s just so awesome!

      • Roger that, played ME2 now its on the PS3 and was engrossed, really gave the feel there was a universe going on around you and the gunplay was satisfying as well. ME3 will be a day 1 purchase for me

  5. wish I had enough time to play all the games and complete them completely,.

  6. That’s great and it’s nice to see such a revered game/series gain such big commercial success. It’s one of my favourites and I can barely wait for ME3.

    This might seem daft but I think I’d like the series to end at 3 … at least this generation. I’d hate to see it being milked and the quality to go down.

  7. Not shower, loving mass effect 2/ps3

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