Sony Offers New PS Plus Deal

A lot of PS3 gamers have been enjoying the sizable discounts offered via PlayStation Plus for quite some time now. If you’re the type that enjoys the service so much that you would be willing to sign on for a very long term, Sony is ready to offer you that option. Or if you’re currently without the service but have been looking for a good moment to hop on board, this deal may also be for you.

Sony has brought back the 15 for 12 deal on all PlayStation Plus subscriptions for a limited time. Meaning, if you fork out the dough for a 12 month subscription, you get an additional 3 months for free. Here’s the kicker – this deal not only applies to new members but also to current subscribers. So if you still have 6 months left on your current plan, you can still take advantage of this offer and extend your subscription an additional 15 months on top of what you already have. Pretty sweet, eh?


The only downside to this bargain is that the PSN is currently incapacitated and there’s no exact time frame on when it’s coming back up. Regardless, it’s sure to happen sooner or later and if you’ve been prospecting the PS Plus service, or looking to extend the plan you already have, there’s no better time than the present.

Source: CVG



  1. Need me some extra PSN cards :).

    • There’s a thread in the forum where I’ve pointed people in the right direction on that front :)

      Just got a pair myself and extended my sub to end of Sept 2012… Glad it can be done like this now.

      • same teflon will get some on Saturday still have 4 months left on my first year as well.

      • Yeah, I know my way around the internet thanks.

      • That’s a bit arsey, fella. Teflon was only trying to be helpful.

      • Good for you Jas, good for you… *rolls eyes*

  2. ooooooooooooooooooooo tempted!

  3. Mmmm think I’ll do this, where can you tell how long you have left on your current subscription? I’m worried that it’ll run out and I’ll lose all my stuff.

    • Just get info on pretty much any game that you’ve downloaded as part of PS+ and it’ll show you with the expiry date.

      Also, you don’t lose the stuff, it all stays on the HDD until you either delete it or re-subscribe to PS+ and everything is automatically reactivated.

    • in account management under the services section, when psn is back, or look at the info on a plus freebie like a mini, press triangle, choose information and check the expiry

  4. It’s never been about the cost for me but i’ve watched the service improve upon it’s shaky beginnings and it’s probably about time i did subscribe so this will sweeten the deal.
    I can’t remember – did they have the 15 for 12 deal for the EU before? I thought that was just the US and that for EU they gave away LBP with the 12 month sub. Hopefully it applies to all regions.

    • This offer was available for the EU before and I was tempted to subscribe but I was put off because the majority of games that they offer free or at a reduced price I already own. Now that they offer newer games and online back up, I’m tempted again.
      nb. this offer ends at the beginning of May.

      And come on Sixthaxis or even CVG- this offer was announced on the EU PS Blog the other week when they posted it. Get with the times! :p

  5. I wouldn’t class that as a “kicker” I’d say that’s a lovely upside! Very tempted to take the plunge too.

    • I think we’re using the word differently, or viewing it’s meaning differently. When I say kicker, I mean the ‘most impactful’ piece of the news.

      I certainly didn’t mean it to be a negative. :-)

  6. I’ve been trying to justify buying Plus ever since you lovely chaps gave me 3 months free from your competition. It was excellent but has now ended.
    I think this deal is enough to jack open my wallet just enough!

  7. SOLD!
    Going to get some PSN Cards tomorrow and see if the PSN is back up and running.
    Cheers lads.

  8. I don’t get it. Surely if you have 4 months or more left this would be of no advantage to you. It’s like resubscribing and losing a month, no? 4 + 12 = 16. Better than 15 months if you resubscribe now.

    • The new subscription starts when your existing one runs out but you have to purchase it before the offer ends on the 5th of May.

      Quote from EU Blog: “You won’t miss out on this if you are an existing member because we have enabled subscription stacking, so you can buy a new subscription before your current one ends.”

    • As above – the subs are stacking, so you get 15 months from the time your current subscription will end. I’ve resubscribed few days ago and my original 12 month PS+ sub ends Jul 2011 – the confirmation mail I got from the store now says that my PS+ sub will now expire on Oct 2012 :)

  9. tthis has been out for over 2 weeks your a bit late with this old news arnt you

  10. Definitely going to grab another year now, three months free is too good to miss!

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