BBC Say Statement From Sony Coming Soon

If anyone was watching the BBC News channel in the last hour or so hopefully they can verify this, but apparently we can expect a statement from Sony on the PSN outage, including the rumours surrounding customer credit card details, ‘within a couple of hours’.

According to a poster on GAF, the BBC have been in contact with Sony regarding the issues on a regular basis, and are expecting official word soon.  That statement is also expected to include a timescale for resumption of services.  According to reports on Twitter, the business news segment has just ran a comprehensive story on the whole thing.

We’d expect such a statement to arrive on the official blogs first, as all updates have been doing.  We’ll let you know when it arrives, if indeed it does.

Update: further clarification – apparently the BBC correspondent was being continuously told by Sony that they’d issue a press release in ‘a couple of hours’, rather than a specific time frame.  In short: don’t expect a response any time soon.


  1. Soon could be 6 days!

  2. Hope it is of more use than the updates from the official blog… PSN Update: There is no update.

    • I saw that this morning and laughed.

    • It’s making it all sound like this is just an extension of the Portal 2 ARG…

  3. Maybe they’ll bring it back up with cross game voice chat?
    Yeah okay, but it was an amusing thought while it lasted.

  4. Lets hope they get PSN back online in the very near future.

    • Agreed, I got back from a 2 week holiday the day this started :(

      Haven’t been online for ages. I don’t think I’ve even got April’s PS+ stuff

  5. This might be the coverage people are referring to I am thinking that the lack of updates this morning means that something substantial is on its way from Sony updating us all on the current status.


    Doesn’t mention anything about an upcoming statement though.

  7. Sony held a conference in Tokyo where they released some PS Tablets but still no mention of PSN?

    • Thats not Sony Computer Entertainment I think?

  8. I wasn’t bothered about the outage since my PS3 is out of action, but if Sony reveals that card details have been compromised, I’m gonna second guess getting it fixed. I’ll reserve judgement until they make their official statement, but it sounds to me like they’ve messed up big time.

  9. finally…..they may aswell go for the full week now :P and get it back up by tomoro for a store update then give us something free so we dont relise our credit cards are hacked :P

    • A full week- wow, doesnt time fly when your…. oh wait.

  10. I am sure everything will become clear soon enough. Gonna keep BBC NEWS website open me’s think’s.

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