BBC Say Statement From Sony Coming Soon

If anyone was watching the BBC News channel in the last hour or so hopefully they can verify this, but apparently we can expect a statement from Sony on the PSN outage, including the rumours surrounding customer credit card details, ‘within a couple of hours’.

According to a poster on GAF, the BBC have been in contact with Sony regarding the issues on a regular basis, and are expecting official word soon.  That statement is also expected to include a timescale for resumption of services.  According to reports on Twitter, the business news segment has just ran a comprehensive story on the whole thing.

We’d expect such a statement to arrive on the official blogs first, as all updates have been doing.  We’ll let you know when it arrives, if indeed it does.

Update: further clarification – apparently the BBC correspondent was being continuously told by Sony that they’d issue a press release in ‘a couple of hours’, rather than a specific time frame.  In short: don’t expect a response any time soon.


  1. What I found patronising was that the guy (James Gallagher) posting on the PS Blog had the cheek, after the first 2 posts, to write a re-cap of the Europe Weekly Content on Saturday. Great – thanks for letting us know what we can’t access…plum! Just check the iPhone App

  2. been watching ch4 news, there’s a spot coming up re: downtime. whether or not anything new remains to be seen.

  3. nope, nothing new. the presenter actually said, & i quote,
    “”being one of the sunniest easter wkends, it may actually encourage the hcore gamers to *get out in the fresh air for a change*.”

    • well personally that’s why I wasnt fussed! Oh no PSN isn’t working…. But it’s a really hot summery Easter weekend!? What does one do?

      • up north (uk), sunday was gorgeous, before & after cloudy & chilly:)

    • That’s ridiculous! I open the window once in a while and allow some sun to come in! I don’t need to go outside! There are people there!

    • so if youre passionate about something that’s practised indoors, it must leave you desireless to go outdoors.
      eitheir this guy isn’t a passionate journalist who goes home at the end of the day, or if he is sleeps in hyde park every night.

      this whole get outdoor gaming thing winds me up, kind of silly thing you hear on forums, not expecting it on national news. im a hcore gamer who enjoys the outside also.

  4. Well they just updated…. looks like someones taken everything.

    • tell me/us more… psblog(ur daily fix of ps news) latest statement from 25th. where did you see this? unfortunately i get a blank page on twitter/ break it gently to me please:)

    • no worries, seen new thread on homepage. damn:(

  5. BBC Radio 4 reported at approx 7am that Sony say they *have* lost personal info such as passwords, date of birth e.t.c. They *may* have lost credit card information and would be emailing affected users.
    Considering that its all accounts that may have been compromised, they are doing a poor job of emailing out.
    I put a block on my credit card this morning. The person at the other end was rather surprised, apparently didn’t know a thing about it, and he has noted down the compromise considering a major number of PSN customers use their credit cards.
    I think the bank phone numbers are going to get a bit overloaded this week.
    If the banks have to get involved, you can bet PSN will be down for quite a long time whilst they re-certify their network, servers & software to be secure enough for credit card transactions. Its a nightmare. I had enough problems when trying to get banks to approve cheque layouts and they complain that micr digits are 1/2mm out of align when you change to a new printer.

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