Tekken 6 Hits Games On Demand

Namco Bandai have announced that their latest instalment to the Tekken franchise is now available to download and play via Xbox Live’s Games on Demand. Featuring the series’ biggest character roster, Tekken 6 was received well among both casual gamers and the fighting community, its sales contributing to the franchise total figure of 35 million. However, it was knocked heavily for it’s unique yet clumsy Scenario Campaign which had players brawl against hordes of enemies from a top-down perspective. The mode felt stiff and artificially challenging, the graphics used being only a fraction as good as they were in the rest of the game. Tekken 6 can be yours right now for £14.99 from the 360’s online marketplace.

Source: Press Release


  1. That’s a really good price point. Not being an xbox owner, I’m unsure what what demand is.

    Is it: a game streaming service kinda like when you have anytime on sky/virgin/ etc?

    Or is it full retail games, that you just download onto your hdd?

    • Games on Demand is basically a tangent of XBL in which you can download full game straight to the HDD, and I agree with you on the price. Though you could probs get it for around the £7 mark pre-owned, £15 is the going rate at most retailers right now.

  2. Can anyone who has T6 on the 360 tell me what the load times are like on it? Are they as abysmal as the PS3 version?

    Hopefully a digital PS3 version will find its way to PS3

  3. I could never get over the ridiculous pricing of Games On Demand as with most digital stores, has a corner been turned?

  4. lol – fighting games are completely pointless with a Playskool pad. Cool game though, very cool.

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