Black Ops: Escalation Zombie Mode Detailed

Whilst Sony and the PSN will probably be taking up the majority of gaming news between now and E3, the rest of the gaming world carries on regardless.

A few days ago we got our first peak at Escalation, the second map pack for Call Of Duty: Black Ops featuring four brand new maps along with an additional zombie map. Here we get to see the zombie map in detail, inspired by and featuring Night Of The Living Dead’s George A. Romero with the chance to play as the zombie-killing dream-team of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund, Michael Rooker, and Danny Trejo.


You can get a slice of the zombie action when the Escalation map pack launches on the Xbox 360 on May 3rd with the PlayStation version to follow. Until then, enjoy.

Source: Press Release



  1. That’s it.
    I traded in Black Ops, but I’m going to be buying it again.
    That actually looks epic.

  2. Ok, so this might actually be the first COD DLC pack I buy… Dare I say this would justify the pricing? Having said that, I bet it’s more expensive because of it. :P

  3. Still wont buy either packs as they are just tooo expensive.

  4. I hate Blops, but that did look good. Might pikey the pack off a mate again.

  5. Buffy the Zombie Slayer?

    • she’s done it before, vampires are just her specialty…that and tight fitting jeans.

  6. MACHETE. Oh yes.

  7. As I was watching, L4D2 couldn’t help but slip into my mind. I think its because of character selection, and how its all presented.

  8. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Danny Trejo and Michael Rooker…just when I was glad that I didn’t bother with “Blops” they go and do something like this…and totally redeem themselves…

    thing is, IF I end up getting this, I’ll probably just keep dying…due to looking at SMG’s ass…:) (even her name fits the game well)

    still not buying blops till it drops from it’s ridiculous price of £42.99 in HMV and a few others.

    • It was £24.99 on AMZ last week and was £29.99 in many shops, I think the price went down for a boost before the DLC

      To my knowledge CoD is the only mainstream title that isn’t half price after a couple of months.
      obviously some rarities hold their value, but blockbuster rarely do, if ever

  9. Looks great, may invest in this DLC.

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