DoubleSix Working On… Something… For PSN

DoubleSix, the team behind Burn Zombie Burn, have another treat for the PSN when it eventually hobbles back online. What this mystery treat is remains very much under wraps but they are working on something. Whilst discussing the impact of the PSN breach James Brooksby, head of developer DoubleSix, said

Right now we would not expect high levels of communication and I’d expect that developers that are just about to release games or DLC have been consulted more than us as we’re not quite at that point.

Aha! Gotcha! ‘Not quite at that point’ – but quite close to ‘that point’ of releasing a game or DLC then? More Zombie add ons? Perhaps Top Gun DLC? Maybe a new game?

Source: GamesIndustryBiz



  1. OOOOOOoooo you big tease ;0

  2. Zombie Top Gun

  3. The BZB trophy list has had trophies for additional DLC (which never arrived) for about a year now.

  4. PSN isn’t going to ‘hobble’ back online, it’s gonna bust yo’ door down and steal your underwear.

  5. And the topical quote is from.. ?

    • what? the “and then i’d have to kill you” line?

      i’ve heard that one in so many things.

    • Days of Thunder !

    • You know, I’ll take a stab in the dark (it’s not a regular thing) and pluck Top Gun from deep within my brain surrounded by kittens and a slightly old and faded rocking horse, lets refer to it as well-worn.

      Anyway, my guess is Top Gun.

      • Charlie: Excuse me, Lieutenant. Is there something wrong?
        Maverick: Yes ma’am, the data on the MiG is inaccurate.
        Charlie: How’s that, Lieutenant?
        Maverick: Well, I just happened to see a MiG 28 do a…
        Goose: We!
        Maverick: Uh, sorry, Goose. *We* happened to see a MiG 28 do a 4g negative dive.
        Charlie: Where did you see this?
        Maverick: Uh, that’s classified.
        Charlie: It’s what?
        Maverick: It’s classified. I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.

      • mash?

      • I give up.

  6. yeah i mean before topgun

  7. Hopefully its a good game, BZB was ok but too borin

  8. What is this “PSN” you folks speak of? o_O

  9. …monkey tennis

  10. Whoa, stealthy

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