Rumours Surface Regarding Cross Game Chat

See the image below? It’s apparently from a SCE spokesperson who’s apparently decided to apparently comment on apparent Cross Game Chat functionality. On Engadget. Apparently.

As hopefully our undertones suggest, we’re not particularly convinced this is the real deal – if it is, we’ll hold our hands up and say ‘fine’ but we’re not sure why a SCE spokesperson would choose to comment on a non-Sony blog.


You’ll see that his latest comment regards Cross Game Chat – that feature that was meant to appear with PlayStation+ but got removed at the last second.  “As we are rebuilding the network,” says the comment, “we are taking into consideration in implementing features such as cross game chat and in-game video chat to name a few.”

“I cannot confirm any new features at this time but expect a massive update when the network is restored.”

You can read some of his other comments here and make your own mind up.




  1. Hmm,I highly doubt cross game chat is even on Sony’s minds at the moment. I think they will be concentrating on restoring and making the network secure again.

    • too true i cant see any sony spokesperson saying anything about anything at the moment

    • At the risk of being flamed, I wish they would just give the people want they want to shut them up, everytime an update is released people moan that there’s still no cross game chat. I dont care for and will probably never use such as feature, so couldnt give two hoots, the thing that bugs me is the amount of people moaning about the lack of the feature. *yawn*

      • Well , it IS an awesome feature, chatting with friends while playing different games.
        Not when youre playing a campaign for the first time, but the rest of the time, its great.
        When i payed for LIVE i used it all the time.

      • And even though I couldnt care less for the Cross-Game chat, the PS3 isnt a type of machine that mutlitasks that easily, the In Game XMB and Cross game chat might be a bit to much multitasking. Even if it was capable, I couldnt care less since I will probably never use that feature and the fact that 75% of the Playstation world lacks a headset.

      • The people asking for a feature that they want is far less annoying than the people “moaning” about other people asking for what they want.

      • cross game chat would really harm games like Socom 4 where you’d be able to constantly talk to your team even if you were dead, etc.

      • Cross-game chat is absolutely awesome. Even if you’re not interested in it yourself you can’t deny that a lot of people are interested in the feature. It’s already on the Xbox360 and I’m pretty sure it would be possible on the PS3 as well. If Sony wants to please its customers they would do well to implement it. Oh and it doesn’t destroy games like Socom. It doesn’t do that on the 360 either

    • Hopefully this turns out to be true, would be a welcome addition!

    • Question. I play on bfbc2 and you can only speak to 4 squad members but really you need to be able to speak to all members on your side. would cross game chat allow you to do this. How many people can you talk to on cross game chat at one time. or is there another way of doing this apart from txt chat ??

      • On LIVE you have party chat, which allows like 7 people to talk together and private chat which is 1 on 1.

        So it would really depend on how Sony chose to impliment it. I’m guessing that Private chat will be accessable to all users and Party chat will be reserved for Plus users.

      • i play bfbc2 every day…
        1) you really only need to talk to your squad.
        2) if you REALLY want to talk to everyone, and all of you are in the same clan, then all just agree to not be in any squads. Everyone not in a squad can hear eachother. You lose the ability to spawn on each other, but gain communication.

  2. Apparently he/she’s a reliable source. Only time will tell though.

    • Well if it is reliable, he didnt proof read it before posting. I doubt he meant to say “Outrage” more than likely was supposed to be “Outage”

  3. Is no.4 actually available? I want to change my PSN ID and didn’t think it was possible in any region?

    • It was possible in the PS2 days, as a once a year, type deal. It’s still possible to do in Japan, I believe.

      I’d love to ditch the four digits at the end of my PSN name, if it suddenly becomes available.

      • Japan isn’t I think, its to replace Kanji with text

      • he says its available in the US although why exactly why not all regions is beyond me considering people keep asking for it

  4. Sony : Carry out the suggestions and consider yourself shielded to an extent. Damage Limitation if you will.

    Hardcore Fans will forgive you. Mums who have bought their children a PS3 with Move and LBP2 will trade them in for Wiis.

    The news isnt completely out as we dont know FOR SURE what has been stolen. However it makes sense to not only go the extra mile but to aim to reach the next galaxy by way of exceeding our expectations and really pushing customer services.

    Best of luck Sony as you will need it, but we understand these things happen. At work we are getting attacked all day everyday and there has been success a few times. We step things up and try and combat it, so only Jesus H Christ knows what level of attacks Sony are undergoing at the moment and will do in the future.

    We all need to remember, yes Sony have effed up to an extent but its the hackers who have broken the law, broken into sony, STOLEN details and it will be them, not SONY who use anyones details.

    Hacking is fork hunts, fact.

    • “Mums who have bought their children a PS3 with Move and LBP2 will trade them in for Wiis.”

      Really? Will they? Probably not, as Children + LBP2 = Mostly offline play I’m guessing. Not to mention the fact that LBP2 is PS3 exclusive…..

  5. wow

    Looking at the other 65 comments that user has left on Engadget, I will be inclined to move the rumour swingometer from fake to highly possible (not probable)

    Although I did say this on day2 :p

    • hmmm!! on you comment above I went on and had a read through some of his comments.
      There’s still a possibility it’s some idiot with good common sense, but admittedly it does sound quite convincing.
      This maybe not be as absurd as it first appears

      • If fake (which of course is very possible) it seems weird to carry on this deception for over a couple of months… and not to lead people astray with false info like a joke twitter account

  6. Engadget!? Surely fake, they were probably talking about CGC on an Apple product.

  7. Could be the one thing to help Sony calm angry customers; ‘Yeah we were hacked, yeah people may have your details, yeah the system was down for like a week… but here have cross game chat’. All better. Maybe. Possibly.

  8. Smells fishy to me seeing as there is no option to change your PSN name in any region. Fact.

  9. Put Cross game chat for all PS+ users. Give EVERYONE PS+ for a month, then see how many keep PS+. Lots I bet :)

    • nah, not worth the money ;-) Couldn’t give two poops about x game chat either.

      I agree Sony need to give their customers something to get back their trust, maybe a free game each and some smarties?

      • Nah a Mars Bar at the very least or no dice!

  10. Hold how can updating their network involve having CGC? Surely this is also something that needs to be done on the PS3 so it will be a drain on the system itself while running games or doing whatever? I will be totally shocked if this actually happens.

    • Firmware upgrade innit.

    • Yeah as TC said, it may have already been implemented in FW

    • Yeah they could be updating the network or something for it like i said earlier somewhere that it is a very rare situation that they can shut down the whole network personally don’t really care for the x game chat but it would be nice to get people to shut up about it

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