Sucker Punch Already Working On New IP

According to Spanish gaming site PSNow! during an event held in Madrid last night a Sucker Punch spokesperson told them the developer is currently working on a new un-announced title which could show up at this year’s E3. Concealed within The Sly Trilogy which launched last year, a three-part HD re-work of the original games, was a teaser trailer for Sly 4, though the source claims that SP’s current project is a completely new IP altogether. The article has been taken offline at Sony’s request.

Sucker Punch are currently running a closed beta for their upcoming open world shock ’em up, inFamous 2, showcasing the game’s user-generated content facilities which allows players to create and share missions. Due to the PlayStation Network’s current state, the latter function has been inaccessible, Sucker Punch offering to extend the beta as soon as the service is back online.

Source: PSNow!



  1. AWESOME :-)

  2. Good stuff. I wonder what it is.

  3. One thing we can be sure of, it’ll be fun.

  4. Ohhhhh consider me interested

  5. Always good to get a new ip.

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