Xbox Live Gets “Service Alert” Warning

As Sony suffers their worst PR disaster for years (and us customers are left reeling with doubts over credit card and ID theft) it looks like Microsoft might be experiencing something too.

There’s a Service Alert for ‘matchmaking’ on the official site, that says users “may experience difficulties” regarding Modern Warfare 2.  Apparently there are “potential phishing attempts via title specific messaging” so be aware if you’re playing that game.


“We are aware of the problem and are working to resolve the issue,” say Microsoft. “We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience.”

Everything else on LIVE appears fine.

Source: MCV.



  1. Ruddy Skynet

    • Anyone but me think it’s Geohot getting back at the games industry in general?

      • Geohotz is generally known for jail-breaking hardware.

        This doesn’t at all seem him at all :P Plus he is being sued for a hella amount off Sony xP

  2. I said last night om Twitter I bet someone goes after XBLA to “one-up” the PSN hack – hitting COD on Xbox would be a huge target

    • The App Store must be next on the list then

    • I hope someone takes down XBL as well.
      This hacker must be pretty educated to do all this.

      • Why would you hope for that? That’s horrible!

      • As much as getting XBL taken down would shut up all the silly xbox fanboys, I’m sure there’s plenty of Xbox users that are mature enough to deserve the service, so I hope it stays up.

    • i hope they get xbox live as well because xbox people are so smug after it and keep saying “you get what you pay for”

  3. 2012 is coming !

    • Damn, really? I’ve only just had a birthday, don’t tell me I’m getting yet another year older ;-)

    • Yeah.
      and ive heard its going to be explosive!


  4. Those annoying hackers!

  5. Microsoft could just say that there was a hacking attempt. Hinting that they offer sufficient protection.
    That’s what I would do.

  6. Pffft.

    Honestly… Cut their hands.

    • What… like professor Umbridge?

      • I will not hack PSN and Xbox Live
        I will not hack PSN and Xbox Live
        I will not hack PSN and Xbox Live

  7. Scary times.

  8. I think it’s Nintendo, they’re the only ones unaffected.*

    *Just so we’re clear, and Nintendo don’t come knocking down my door with a legal claim, this was a joke.

    • Ha ha ha. Zelda, Mario and Bowser are on their way round to yours, Penguin Suits and Red Shells at the ready!

    • Nintendo are doing a great job of destroying their own online services

      • Suddenly the use of friend codes rather than email/password combo & entering your card details for each transaction as opposed to storing them in an insecure manner looks a good idea… wonder if the other companies will follow Nintys lead again

  9. What have we Gamers done to deserve this?

    The Hackers/Phishers are utter, utter CNUTS!!!!!

  10. This could just be the often recurring attacks that every large network resists most weeks. I wouldn’t be surprised though, if someone went looking for some infamy in the wake of the PSN being toppled.
    The only bigger target, in terms of media hysteria, would be the AppStore.

    • Yeah, I mean how often do people check the status page anyway.

    • I can’t believe the mainstream hysteria the whole fiasco has generated. A senior member of staff (complete non gamer, hasn’t heard of the PSN) at work today said “You’ve got a playstation haven’t you… ooooh *spooky hands*”

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