Beyoncé Game Cancelled

First Skynet goes live, then the PSN goes down and now – horror of horrors – Beyoncé has backed out of a video game deal! The bootylicious Ms. Knowles had apparently signed a deal with Gate Five LLC to star in a new game, “Starpower: Beyoncé” but after the contracts were signed she allegedly demanded a new deal and when that was not forthcoming, backed out of the deal completely.

According to the lawsuit, Gate Five LLC lost almost $7 million in investment, $100 million in potential revenue and seventy people have lost their jobs.


Anyone wishing to get their fix of booty shaking action – specifically, gold hot-pant clad booty action – can catch up with the Dance Central sponsored Kylie Minogue tour and have a chance to out-dance Kylie.

Don’t worry, normal ‘butch’ TSA service will be resumed shortly with a post about football or fatalities. Grr.

Source: GameFocus



  1. “Gate Five LLC lost almost $7 million in investment, $100 million in potential revenue and seventy people have lost their jobs”

    well done Beyoncé, hope it was worth it…

    • I’m so happy and so frikkin pissed at the same time!

    • Does a games company usual put all its eggs in one basket like this, doesn’t seem like a very sound business plan.

  2. Oh noes! Exactly what I was thinking!
    Now what?!!

  3. Damn it! That was my most anticipated game ever.

  4. She’d still get it.

  5. There was a Beyonce game in the works?:O I hope she is happy that she caused 70 people to lose their jobs. Did she even read the contract before signing it?

    • Watch the latest episode of South Park on that matter… :D

  6. Well that’s taken the jam right out of my doughnut

    • Strangely apt, considering your username.

      • article had me laughing, especially gold hotpants part.
        tuffs comment had me in stitches:)

  7. That makes for pretty shameful reading actually, hope she’s proud of herself. Terrible picture too, makes her look like a mime in training.

    • yep… all smiles for the camera.

      • or *real. i must hold the tsa record for number of edited posts.
        no i’m not proud, but still another trophy to be synced.

    • Makes her look like a waxwork. Maybe they should use her to replace the waxwork at Madame Tussauds. Waxworks don’t cost 70 people their jobs.

      • i sincerely can’t tell if that is a waxwork or really, after all the cosmetic surgery these stars have, not that much difference.

  8. Uh-oh…….oh, oh oh ohhh whoa hoah oo oh !

  9. Pocket change for her unfortunately.

  10. hopefully they sue her.

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