Trailer: Binary Age

Sega have released the first trailer for their upcoming shooter ‘Binary Domain’. Sadly they have not got round to thinking of a more inspiring title but the trailer has plenty of action including – good lord – a few brief sections of game play. The video also briefly features rocket powered bottom sliding, a technique used in previous Sega title ‘Vanquish’.

“In the heat of battle, players must motivate and build trust with their team, adapt under pressure and make real time decisions knowing there will always be consequences that affect the squad and future missions. Humans must regain control of 2080 Tokyo and give the machines an unexpected ending,” said Sega.

An unexpected ending? Is that like a happy finish?

Source: YouTube



  1. Looks superb!
    Its looks like Vanquish!

    • exactly what i thought!

    • Looks a lot like Vanquish, I wonder if it’ll come out as good.

  2. Looking a bit better than the painful debut trailer. I’m a sucker for third person shooters, so will probs pick this up, even after I was dealt a blow by Quantum Theory and Mindjack.

    • much better. glad to see they finally made a good trailer. now i’m actually interested in this game

  3. That looks good, although i’m hoping it plays a bit differently to Vanquish as that wasn’t quite my cuppa.

    • Took the words right out of my mouth. Vanquish was top-notch from a technical point of view but the way it played just didn’t suit me at all.

  4. The cutscenes should be amazing as its the Yakuza devs, so far I can tell that its splendid and that they better not sacrafife the quality of the single-player because of multi-player.

    No competive multi-player would be sweet, it must be co-op!

  5. if that’s the first trailer, what was this?

    anyway, looks like a cool game.
    defeat the roBOT HORDES.

    sorry, got a little carried away there. ^_^

  6. Reminds me of Ghost In The Shell, but with rock and roll! Quite exciting. I might give Vanquish a go now thats been mentioned too, looks equally rock and roll. Rock!

  7. Not sure if that bottom sliding is rocket powered…but yeah it’s all very Vanquish-y

    • No, it’s sliding down a hill.

      • He’s had beans for lunch, it’s rocket powered.

  8. I loved Vanquish so ill be getting this day one :-D

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